Good Company: Astronaut Alien Connection

So many people like to attack the credibility of UFO witnesses as a means of debunking the phenomena.  But this method relies purely on an emotional reaction that is often unreliable or up to interpretation.  As a result, many UFO believers can hear about the credibility of witnesses and feel it supports the argument for UFOs even more than it argues against it.  And foremost among the most credible witnesses are astronauts.

If the credibility of witnesses are so commonly called into question, the following list outlines the astronauts who have decided to come forward with their sightings.  Though the list is likely far longer, these astronauts are the ones who looked at the social stigmas associated with UFO sightings and decided the events they witnessed were still far too important to deny.  And they outline after their experiences in no uncertain terms their belief that something certainly is going on outside of Human control around the planet.

Perhaps most famous among UFO believing astronauts is Gordon Cooper.  Cooper was one of the most respected astronauts of his time in the 1960’s and continues to draw an incredible amount of respect for his achievements today.  But it isn’t solely his endeavors as an astronaut that gain him respect.  Cooper also was one of the first to come forward and admit the climate in NASA surrounding the UFO phenomenon and the coverup about what these mysterious objects were.  He was visited on multiple occasions while he was orbiting Earth.

Donald Slayton, while testing an aircraft going at speeds of around 300 miles per hour observed an object in the distance that appeared disc shaped hovering oddly in the distance.  As he approached, he noticed the object was not moving, but as he passed it he spotted the peculiar disc shape to what he had assumed was an oddly shaped weather balloon.  As he turned and began following the object, he realized it was hovering away, somehow exceeding three hundred miles per hour.  After a few seconds of moving at this incredible speed it suddenly pulled up and disappeared into the distance.  The object was moving faster than the craft Slayton was in and accelerated at speeds far beyond what humans are capable of sustaining.  The sighting happened in 1951 and to this day its technology has not been mimicked or developed by human hands.

Then there are myriad witnesses who observed craft moving at incredible speeds away from space shuttles as they hovered in orbit and even shot away after changing direction and accelerating.  And while it cannot be confirmed in the same way the other sightings happened, it can be confirmed that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin spotted mysterious craft on the surface of the Moon and were sworn to secrecy.  And these are only a small sample of the dozens of astronauts who have personally interacted with the objects.  So if you have ever spotted an unidentified craft, you are certainly in good company.