Nasa Releasing Mars Anomaly Picture?

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NASA Released Pictures Taken on April 11 2003 of the future landing spot for the Mars Rovers.  The picture is quite remarkable because Huge Tracks That run for Miles is completely visible.  This is funny because Humans Never Set Foot On Mars Yet.

The Mars Rovers are to land on a flat part of Mars called
At that point they will wheel themselves around collecting and analyzing soil samples. NASA will than download all collected information and transmit it back to Earth. 

NASA’s picture of the Landing Area is posted on the NASA.GOV website.  The Picture is Available in a small size, and a huge 2+ mg size.  At-least one Anomaly is utterly visible and upon close evaluation I’m sure you will find more area’s just as interesting. Make sure you look closely at the Bottom Right for The Long Tire Like Tracks.

Look At The Large
Gusev-plain Picutre start at bottom right and slowly scroll up