Russian Scientist Alexey Demetriev: Doomsday Coming, NASA Knows It!

In the past year we’ve heard dozens of doomsday prophecies coming from all angles.  But one of the most disturbing that seems to coincide almost perfectly with the December 2012 theory is drawn not from theories, but from observations about our solar system.  And the conclusions made are based not entirely on speculation, but on history.  And if they do occur in the way Alexey Dmitriev suggests, it will change the entire planet as we know it and might kickstart a whole new age for the human race.  Even NASA has gotten in on the doomsday theory, though many are saying the picture they paint is too conservative.  And yet throughout it all the mainstream media has remained eerily silent.

Dmitriev suggests that in addition to the suggestion made by NASA that we may be approaching a major solar catastrophe, there is a theory that the Earth, the Sun, and all of the planets in the solar system are soon to enter an unknown interstellar energy cloud.  This cloud could explain a number of recent anomalies and even link together some of the strange Earth events we previously thought were part of an unexplained yet only loosely connected fabric of mysteries.  The shift in poles, mass animal die offs, recent increases in the sun’s coronal mass ejections, melting ice on Mars, increases in the number of devastating storms in the United States, and sudden and sometimes completely unexplained shifts in temperature and climate could all be caused by this strange nebulous cloud of energy causing the sun to become more excited than ever before and fueling the sun to erupt into one final burst of energy that could not only destroy everything we know about our society, but also herald in a new wave of consciousness as a new generation of highly advanced and technologically minded people attempt to put the pieces back together and the infrastructure sends humanity back to a level of technology comparable to the turn of the 19th century.

And Dmitriev is not alone in his theory that NASA may know more about this than they’re letting on.  And it’s likely that this is precisely how it would happen.  If NASA or any other space agency or global government organization were to look at the world and think to itself how to tell of such an incredible change to every fundamental aspect of our lives, how would it set about doing it?  How would an organization caught up in the dualistic parallels of “us” vs. “them” and ego possibly even begin to approach the concept of a complete remixing of all power on the planet?  How would it even go about preparing for it?  The simple truth is, it would find preparation virtually impossible.

There is even another possibility.  Just as people have for centuries simply disbelieved what is “impossible” or greatly different from what they understand, it’s possible the reason the very notion of the end of the world can only be dealt with in our minds as cataclysmic images and allegory is because we cannot even truly understand it.  How could we when it is entirely alien to everything we know?  We would only be able to deal with it through symbols and weak parallels drawn from our own experience and those of fiction.  It would be like comparing a drop of rain to the ocean.  Or suggesting that rain comes from the ocean when in fact you could just as easily say the ocean came from rain.