The Lunar Experiment NASA Was Never Supposed to Know About

Edgar Mitchell, famed UFOlogist and former astronaut is known the world over as one of the strongest proponents of the theory of alien visitors on Earth.  But before he was a famed ufologist, Mitchell was an astronaut working with NASA on putting another man on the moon.  But while he was rocketing toward the Lunar surface in his landing module, in addition to the standard equipment and training, Mitchell carried deep within his mind another mission – one he knew NASA could never find out about.

The experiment had been concocted in an effort to test the distance of psychic phenomena.  Mitchell had considered asking NASA’s permission to conduct the experiment during the course of their mission, but had been afraid NASA would deny Mitchell’s request and then monitor him and disrupt any future attempts at the experiment in order to save face for the agency.  Today it is unknown whether NASA would have allowed these clandestine extra experiments in a more official capacity, but Mitchell later voiced his reasons to the public after his findings were released.

The experiment itself called upon Mitchell to reach the Lunar surface and then begin attempting to read a set of Zener cards from a span of several million miles away.  Meanwhile, back on Earth a psychic by the name of Olof Jonsson was focusing his thoughts toward Mitchell during the course of the strange experiment.  What they found was that the entire distance between the Moon and the Earth had no effect on a psychic’s ability to make predictions on the cards.  And in fact, the experiment’s results were comparable to those on Earth.  If the psychics were five feet away, a few thousand miles, or even millions, the results were always the same.

In addition, Mitchell would later tell of the extreme feeling of divine relaxation that came over him during the course of the experience.  He stated in no uncertain terms that there was no guesswork involved.  It felt as though something else were guiding him and allowing him insight into a deeper oneness of the universe as he focused on each symbol in his mind.  And though NASA later denied any connection with the unapproved experiments, there has been some attention paid to the results with skeptics suggesting that the number of “hits” was not above the norm for a series of guesses.  In reality there were a statistically significant number of hits during the course of the experiment.  Unfortunately, without future approval for moon missions it is suggested that future experiments that vindicate the initial results may be a long time coming.  And with the future of NASA’s moon missions, even these extra experiments may not appear for quite some time.  In the mean time, the body of data Mitchell’s experiment provides may be the only truly long distance psychic experiment in existence.

Why would an experiment such as this be important?  If scientists were to ever truly unlock long distance remote viewing, it may be the only way to observe the sun long before its light reaches Earth.  And if it could be performed in an accurate and reliable way, imagine how much money could be saved from imaging telescopes tracking oncoming solar storms.