April Fools Joke Gone Bad – The Moon Will Not Go Flat

 April Fools Joke Gone Bad

Recently our friends at www.unknowncountry.com published a cruel April Fools Joke to its readers and members. The editors are now asking, Did the article hurt the site’s fragile credibility?

On April 1st 2004, Whitley Striebers Website published an article stating: The Moon is going flat.  The article stated That the Moon is in a transitional state where it is beginning to go flat. The claim went as far as saying, The entire surface of the Moon will be only a few feet flat.  They suggested that the Moon will remain flat for more than 10,000 Years.

The Flat Moon Aprils Fools Joke Story also Mentioned Important creditable names in Quotations, such as Dr. Eulenspeigel from NASA and White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan. The article continued by Mentioning the global warming effects this will have, and dared to say That there will be an extremely loud HISSING sound that will stir up stampedes of wild animals.

Even though the article sounds ridiculous, it managed to get many replies questioning the material. Many asked for back-up articles, and references where the information came from.  Many readers across America believed the claims, and took them literally.

The Next Day, April 2, 2004 The same website came foreword and announced the Article was a Fake.  They admitted it was an April Fools Joke aimed at stirring up human response and publicity.  The situation is now at an elevation point where the Web sites producers are afraid the Web-sites Fragile credibility may have been hurt.


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