Author of The Serpent Grail Goes on Tour to Reveal the Secrets

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Philip Gardiner, the author of the huge new books The Serpent Grail and Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed has signed a deal with

www.powerplaces.com to do tours around the world to reveal the mysteries of the ancients specifically for citizens of the USA and Canada – although other countries can become involved.
The Tours, starting in November in Paris and moving to Tuscany a week later will reveal the immense secrets that Gardiner has uncovered over the years ”“ revealing the true identity of the Holy Grail, Elixir of Life, Philosopher’s Stone and the secrets of the Temple of Solomon and the ancient Gnostics.

These are completely exclusive tours that have never before been attempted in this way, allowing just about anybody to come and hear the sacred teachings and hidden mysteries first hand from somebody who has been through the processes of initiation, been secretly involved in the various societies and knows the truth of the so-called secret societies spoken of in books like Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and the infamous Holy Blood, Holy Grail. The truth is in stark contrast to anything anybody has heard before.

In July 2006 Gardiner will also be hosting the Forbidden Knowledge Conference UK, which is already built into the world’s biggest event of its kind due to the incredible publicity surrounding Gardiner’s revelations. The secrets will be revealed in The Serpent Grail and Gnosis, but there is so much more that Gardiner’s tours will be unveiling the unbelievable secret ciphers uncovered in Paris itself and other locations around the globe.

Further tours via

www.powerplaces.com include Peru, Egypt, India, Tibet, Greece, Ireland, England and the Amazon. For more information go to the authors amazingly popular website at www.philipgardiner.net or direct to www.powerplaces.com.

For more information or to contact the author – email

[email protected] or go to any of the above websites. Further points of contact are www.gardinerosborn.com, www.serpentgrail.com and www.theshiningones.com