Beat The Aging Process

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by Nama

Friends of mine offline who are into New Age work often ask me how a Sig
like this works. I am writing this mainly for them, for those who
have trouble explaining it to their offline friends, and for any new user who
might be in here for the very first time. The following are some questions
I encounter and some answers.

“Isn’t this the antithesis of everything the New Age is about? Don’t
computers dehumanize? Aren’t they harmful? Isn’t the New Age about
getting in touch with yourself, about appreciating nature and the
environment? So how does a netwrok like this fit in? And how can this
beat a live workshop fulled with different people?”

We are surfing on the wave of the New Age and part of this New Age
includes the transition into technology. Computers are becoming a way
of life for almost everyone.

Can it beat a live offline workshop? You bet! Can you attend a workshop in
your underwear and bathrobe?? One of the advantages of doing work like
this online is that we have the opportunity to meet people from all over the
Earth..and not only make contact with them but interact and become more
intimate than any weekend workshop or seminar as we have daily contact
with those we wish to. Non-users can’t comprehend what a Conference
online is like! How you can FEEL the energy and the mood of the people in the
room. How meditation exercises online and Full Moon Healing can and DO
work. Nor do they understand how it can beat a book at times as here you
have live writers who will give you instant feedback, as well as being
able to get a variety of ideas, information and opinions from scores of
people. Real live human beings.

Dehumanizing? Unhealthy? Studies are being done on the health effects of
computers but what about a 4 hour evening sitting in front of your color
television watching garbage sit coms and degrading advertising??

The power of a network like this is almost infinite. We are communicating
new ideas, meeting different people, and interacting with friends online.
The databases and forums ARE electronic publishing, where virtually
anyone who can string together a sentence (and some who cannot) have the
opportunity to write, be read, and get instant feedback.

This is not a substitute for offline lectures, workshops, private meditations
or nature but it is a darn good addition. Unless someone has experienced
telecommunicating, it is very hard to describe it.

We, in the New Age, speak alot about mind expansion. I think this is not only
mind expanding but it is mind blowing too! The term the “Collective
Unconscious” is used alot. I view us here as the “Conscious Collective”
though I am aware of at least one user who is semi-conscious, drinking
Thunderbird, during Tarot Workshops.

We are contributing to the building of the New Age with very New Age tools.
Crystals inside of computers! Channeling our energies across phone wires
and mainframes and nodes to other minds all over the planet. Can it get any
more Uranian than this?

One day, in the future, your grandchild may ask you “How did you and
Grandpa start the Affirmative Advertising Agency in Blue Bell, Pa?” And you
might reply:

“Well, your Grandfather and I met in a Tarot Conference on a computer
decades ago, and we got to know each other very well. We learned all about
Creative Visualization, manifesting realities, and after some time, he and I
met each other in person. We then decided to start a chain of Hierophant
Hotels which led to the development of the Affirmative Advertsing Agency
dedicated to using only positive thoughts which promote peace, nourishment
and growth. Then, one night on a cold, cold Taurus Full Moon, we created