California About To break All Time Rain Record

Jayme Laber, a spokesman for the National Weather Service says, “We could set a new rainy season record”.  It has certainly been a wet time for California in recent days.

More storms are due to hit California tonight, while there still suffering from 2+ inches, and 26+ inches of snow left behind saturday morning. Since July 1’s, there has been 28.12 inches of recorded rain in the region, and is already ranked the 4th wettest year in a 100 year span.

All this rain is caused several mudslides, some which were deadly. The hills and loose gravel in the region are not accustomed to such large amounts of rain, and mudslides are occuring more frequently.

Devestation doesn’t stop there..  The roads have been a mess, accidents out to wazoo, and over 117,000 residents in southern California Have been without power since saturday.  Not to mention the Thousands who lost power during the larger storms earlier this year.

The world is definitely changing, we just can’t tell yet if it’s for the better or worse.


With high Hopes

Billy Carter