City Events With a Flair for Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time to explore the scariness that the city possesses, as well as all of the interesting museums and haunted houses available to give you a good scare. Sometimes the place that you may visit highlights past events, which forever mark or mar the reputation of a particular destination. It may be something that shocked or rocked the world, or perhaps caused some to question the meaning of life and other life forms”¦


Visiting New Orleans, located in the grand state of Louisiana, is like unwrapped a package filled with tales of bloodsucking vampires; voodoo dolls, and cemeteries that are elaborately orchestrated. The sometimes-eerie presence that tourist and other visitors feel once they pay a visit to New Orleans is one that was felt way before recent tragic events have occurred. It is through the ignorance and misunderstanding of the rich New Orleans culture that often feeds these feelings and visions of scary. If you ever have the chance to visit New Orleans, you will find a wide-range of activities and attractions to pay a visit to.


When it comes to believing in UFOs and things that come from the sky that we don’t understand, you may think of Roswell, which has been the center of many UFO sightings, as well as conspiracy theories. While the location of these interesting events is often mentioned, it is less known that Roswell is actually located in New Mexico.


When in the area, you will encounter International UFO Museum and Research, which can be found on 114 N. Main ((505)-625-9495 or (800)-822-3545). Tourists may experience the well-known 1947 Roswell UFO incident, as well as explore further UFO facts and artifacts. Once you’ve made your way through this particular museum, you may want to check out Alien Zone, which can be found at 216 N. Main St (505-627-6982), which offers a chance to engage in a cool picture-taking session, as well as pick up a nifty souvenir in the gift shop.


While you may not be in the vicinity of New Mexico to enjoy a scary outing during Halloween, you may be situated close to Salem, Massachusetts, where you can check out the history of the Salem Witch Trials. Can you imagine how pumped up the city is when Halloween time rolls around and the ghosts of wrongfully accused men and women may possibly walk among the living. You never know what is going to happen next when visiting this town. Take the time to investigate and explore some of the museums and tributes to witches about Salem (if you have the nerve).


Additional Halloween activities across the US includes:




West Hollywood Halloween Carnival: similar to a haunted Mardi-Gras event.

Los Angeles: Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch

Pierce College: Haunted Halloween Festival

Burbank: Halloween Carnival


New York City


Mystery Mansion at the Night Hotel

JoonBug Halloween Masquerade Ball at Capitale

Ralph Lee’s Halloween Extravaganza & Procession of the Ghouls

Halloweekend at Grand Central Terminal

Macabre Greenwich Village Walking Tour


Detroit, Michigan


Halloweekends at Cedar Point

Halloween Festival at Greenfield Village

Zoo Boo at Detroit Zoo

Pumpkin Patch and Halloween Parade in Birmingham

Trick Or Treat in the Village of Grosse Pointe

Halloween Fun Fest in Farmington




Plattefield: Haunted Hay Ride in Platteville

Glenwood Springs: Frontier Historical Museum Ghost Walk

Colorado Springs: Halloween Stroll

Boulder: Munchkin Masquerade