Collection Of Thoughts On What The Bible Could Be

Christianity Conspiracy

By scuzzy-elo

Why Am I Writing This?
I am writing this because I am a thinker. I think about things and how they could have happened. Perhaps I am a philosopher. Call me what you will but this text is simply a collection of thoughts on what today’s Bible could actually be.

How Much Do You Know About The Bible?

I know plenty about the Bible. I have read it in its entirety and gone over it many times. I know of the areas where certain events were said to have taken place and I know basically everything the Bible covers. I have studied the Bible for 15 or so years and in the past year I slowly collected ideas leading to my theory, which you will read now.

The Bible

Thoughts on What Was Written About The True Beginning

If the Bible were, at one point, a factual document, then I would assume that there were writings of the beginning of time. This is when God supposedly created the world and man was made to live in his world, which He was happy with. There may have also been an explanation of what the purpose of life was. However, there might not have been any reason for existence and the Bible recorded this. The reasons why this information may not have ever been shared will be discussed later.

Thoughts on the Prophecies of the Son of God

There may not have been prophecies of there ever being a Son of God sent to Earth to die and wash the world’s inhabitants of their sins. This would leave the original Bible, in its entirety to be only the Old Testament with no reference to a Son of God. If there in fact were prophecies made about the Son of God they may not be those that we read today in our Bibles. These thoughts will be discussed more as our conspiracy is unveiled.

The New Testament

If in fact there were prophecies of the Son of God in the original Bible then there would either be a longer Bible with New Testament information attached onto the end of the Old Testament, or a Bible divided into two testaments. The latter is that which you will see today. If the New Testament writings were included in the original Bible than we can also assume that there was a Son of God and his life and teachings are recorded there.

Jesus Christ

According the Old Testament, there were prophecies that God would send his Son to earth to die on a cross and his blood, being the ultimate sacrifice, would wash the sins away from man.

In the New Testament it is recorded that Jesus was born according to these prophecies and lead the life discussed in these prophecies. However, there was only a limited number of copies of the Bible. And only fragments at that. With a society so easily influenced, and a small area to cover (in comparison to the world) would it not be easy to change all known information about the Bible?

Changing The Old Testament

Firstly you must assume that Jesus was simply a very intelligent person for his time. You must also assume that he might plan to alter past documents of the Bible to give publicity to him and his family and further conform a large group of the future’s world. For one to decide to do this one would only need to look at the current influence of this belief, Christianity.

Now you come up with a few thoughts:

Maybe the prophecies were true and Jesus changed information so that he fit them and lead his life accordingly.

Maybe Jesus traveled to places known to have written documents of the Old Testament and altered them, with the help of his disciples, while he stayed in that town for the night.

Maybe Jesus’ parents planned to make him do either of the above.

My theory is that there may have been an Old Testament written, or Jesus wrote one, and Jesus went through all written copies of it and altered it to predict his life. He then shared false evidence to prove his being the Son of God

Writing The New Testament

Now, assuming that there was an Old Testament that Jesus went and altered to fit his life, he plotted to have people write the New Testament further proving his life was that of the Son of God’s.

As far a miracles go, Jesus and his disciples could have been simple magicians. The crippled people and such could have been planted throughout the area and dressed accordingly with ready supplies to make Jesus’ miracles on the spot seem real.

Now Jesus has set the stage for his death, which fits into the prophecies of the Old Testament, either already written or altered to fit his life.

Further Alterations

To finalize his work and prevent future people from discovering his plans, Jesus made attempts to alter the beginning and end of the Bible.

The Beginning

The beginning now states that man ate from a tree and is now born with sin and will no longer live forever on earth and all other punishments for eating from the tree. One must now wonder, why in the first place God would make man to live forever on earth and never die? Eventually, humans would over fill the world and conditions would be frightening. Something like this can only be explained by the following:

The Bible is not true

The Bible is true and the world was originally meant to have humans be born and die as they do now. Jesus altered this to include that all humans are born with sin and will go to hell if they die before confessing that Jesus Christ was the Son of God.

This would be a scary thought and would make plenty of people come to this religion in a time where people are so easily influenced. This would force people to believe that he was the Son of God and that his teachings, and altered writings, were true. Stating that he would come again and take up His believers is another instance of Him cementing his religion. Also, his writings on the building of the early church and how the future church was supposed to function keep his writings true.


Revelations was written to cement the teachings of Jesus. It in fact says not to believe anyone that comes along and does exactly what he could have done. This is pretend to be the second coming of the Son of God. These people are referred to as the antichrist.


In conclusion, today’s belief in Christianity is possibly based on a storybook altered by one person to include him in the future of the world. Jesus possibly had more ulterior motives but, if this is true, it is clear that Jesus was a deep philosopher setting something up to be solved or pondered by those who think too much.