Consciousness Level Of Chimps And Animals

Darth-Gibbon wrote I think some animals are self aware, particularly apes and dolphins because they are very smart. For example a chimp would realise and respect its position in its mini society and would be striving to get a higher status. I think this qualifies a chimp as self aware because an animal with no sense of identity would just grab the nearest female chimp in mating season regardless of consequences from a much bigger angrier chimp.

People can’t really tell whether an animal is self aware because you can’t get in their heads and find out.

Chimps might have 98.6% of a soul if souls exist!
You can’t teach a chimp to understand about the after-death environment and that sort of stuff. A chimp would’t have the knowledge to activate his merkaba.

There are 3 states of aware consciousness.. Lats refer to them as 1 2 3..

Level 1 is like the aborigionese (spelling) had.. They were self aware, But they had no possessions, greed, and only understood principles to live.

Level 2 is where we are at now. We are definitely aware, But very disharmonic.. We fight wars constantly, Hurt, Kill, Greedy, polluting, etc. etc. etc..

Level 3 is CHrist Consciousness.. This is where we are all heading. A harmonious state of being.

It is said the conscious level of all species can be determined geometrically. By “Circling the Square”. Im sure you all heard of that.. You take a creature, draw a circle around the exact perimiter of the body, than draw a square around the perimiter of the body. The circle and the square will never line up perfectly EXCEPT when the creature has CHrist Consciouness.. The miss-allignments can be measured and can determine your conscious level.

Dolphins on the other hand may be special. I can not speak for dolphins yet until I research further