David Morehouse – author of ‘Psychic Warrior’

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Tidbits of interest -03/16/97

David Morehouse – author of ‘Psychic Warrior’

In a recent phone conversation with a young lady named Erica, who attends our local Roundtable meetings, she admitted to being a student of the David Morehouse Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) classes.

Seems Mr. Morehouse will be in Dallas for book signings and media events, so she suggested he talk to our Roundtable group in April.

David Morehouse wrote the book ‘Psychic Warrior’ which details his experiences with very secret CRV experiments done by the CIA and other government spook organizations. I am expecting a press kit courtesy of Erica, which will be posted as I think this might be useful for determining new approaches to achieving much of what we seek, free energy, gravity control and advanced healing and rejuvenation techniques.

I asked Erica what the majority of students of CRV were using it for, she said mostly assisting criminal investigations, finding missing children and personal uses.

It would make sense to try to find or remote view technology or natural phenomena from a vantage point that would allow unique insights into what you were seeing. These observations might lead to experimental working devices.

Imagine, visiting the inside of a UFO, watching experiments in a ‘secret’ lab or going back in time to watch Keely, Tesla, Hendershot, Moray and others. What we could learn!!!

Erica said she’d never heard of that being done but she would mention it to David and see if he might want to start a focus group or series of classes with this in mind. I’ll make it a point to bring it up again when he visits and get back with everyone.

One warning, in the book ‘Psychic Warrior’, David refers to a set of coordinates which took him to a secret military installation. As he entered the structure, some kind of electronic beam struck him and he was held in place. An alarm sounded and one of the officers said to turn it off, it was just a dreamer who was projecting (astral projection) and therefore harmless.

How bizarre, a ghost trap!!

In our conversation, Erica said Morehouse had appeared recently on the Jerry Springer show with some folks representing CSICOP.

As we all know, these CSICOP guys are professional skeptics, and god bless’em, you can’t NOT respect people who SIMPLY WANT PROOF….

From what I have seen of CSICOP, they sometimes go way overboard in their attacks, but the premise of skepticism is logical and helps to cut through all the scams and half-baked claims…..you can say what you want, but when you start requiring money for the information, particularly large sums, you’d better have absolute proof that works.

Back on track now and note this is as I was told, I did not see this Jerry Springer show, Erica says one of the CSICOP guys asked Morehouse what he had in his pocket (this could be a fun guess)….so David said he’d rather not get into that because it just leads to unending questions in the same vein.

She said David told the CSICOP man something like, ‘I’d rather not tell you about the glass ball in your pocket and I’d rather not tell you its color is blue.’ ‘You see, this just goes on and on, so I’d rather not tell you that the ball is about 3/4″ in diameter and weighs about 5 ounces, ’cause if I do tell you all that and it is on the money, then you’ll just want to ask more questions, so I’d rather not tell you any of that.’

Erica said the CSICOP guy turned white and the audience started clamoring for him to show what was in his pocket, yep, it was a 3/4″ blue glass ball…;)

And by far, the most intriguing thing Erica told me was that, for the purposes of remote viewing, you never really ‘leave’ the body. It is like the mind is a complete copy of the universe, in the form of a holographic kernel.

Everything is here, being acted out in miniature and very fuzzy UNTIL you focus your will on it to bring it to higher resolution and amplification for the visualization of details.

This ties in with a fascinating file dealing with the Universe being a hologram. The file is now posted here and is called REALITY.HTM, you can click if you might like to read it.

These nonsensical co-ordinates which are used to locate a particular time or place, all are mapped to the holographic universe in the brain. Erica also says that David indicates our government and no doubt other governments, have figured out a way to plug in these psychically derived co-ordinates, into a machine which allows for PHYSICAL TRANSPORT to the coordinates!

Yep, more questions, just like the man says!

Sounds like a good plan, this David Morehouse thing, so he’ll be there the 3rd week of April, there being the Wyatts Cafeteria at Marsh and LBJ, SW corner.

The meetings now start at 6:30PM and we have had them every month now for the past 8 years or so. I’ll report if anything interesting happens.

Gravity Wave

At one of our Roundtables, a friend named Albert said he knew an engineer who worked at TI. This engineer was testing a batch of IR LEDs (infr-red) where they are all hooked into a panel and pulsed with high current. The purpose was to measure the bandwidth and to blow out the weak ones.

While this pulsing was going on, the engineer noticed a roll of tissue paper hanging on the wall several feet away that was being pulled toward the bank, then released, just like some kind of tractor beam. There was no airflow in the room or near the tissue paper, either when the LEDs were being pulsed or they were off.

This prompted Albert to tell the engineer about author Joseph Cater’s book ‘The Awesome Life Force’ and his claims that gravity was a frequency right below the IR spectrum.

On mentioning this to a friend, he remembered having read a paper by TT Brown who said that gravity had a spectrum, just like light and that meant a frequency which could be controlled.

My friend courteously sent a copy of the paper and it will be online shortly. It deals with extracting electricity and heat from rocks by converting the concentrated gravity waves in high dielectric, heavy mass aggregates such as rocks. I guess the best analogy is the emission of photons from ‘exhaling’ electrons which have been excited.

Another explanation is that gravity is a very high frequency which can be converted to electricity, but it would have to be below magnetism for that, since electricity is the child of magnetism when the flux lines are cut.

More Hamel info

I am currently checking into the very nice video that is being sold for $40.00 at the Hamel site . Hamel speaks English quite understandably and explains the various experiences which led him to such notoriety.


One of the comments is that a planet exists and oppositely tracks the Earth on the other side of the sun. He indicates that his pondering this led him to the magnetic spinner since the two planets are linked magnetically in the same way.


He says a spaceship has to be built with natural materials and natural magnets which will allow transport to any galaxy in this universe. I don’t quite understand what natural entails, but maybe he’ll explain it eventually.


Hamel says we are often visited by alien craft and that when you feel a bit heavier than normal, it is because a ship is in the vicinity.


I found that to be an interesting comment, because Ed Farrow claims back in 1912 that when weight is reduced by aether deflection, the deflected aether causes a dispersed concentration in the surrounding area by as much as 1/2 mile around the object being tested.


Think of it as a normal flow being steady and equal over a given area. When you deflect it, like with an umbrella deflecting rain, you get a concentration coming off the rim of the umbrella.


If you happen to be under this rim, you’ll get much more than the ambient rain and will in the case of a ship flying above you, be caught in this additional aether flow as it moves into the earth.


It follows that if you were directly under the ship, and that gravity is a result of incoming aether flows to the earth, then you would WEIGH LESS for as long as the ship was over you!


Hamel claims the aliens had advanced medical knowledge with cures for all diseases. He says he was shown a magnetized diaphragm which was connected to a cable.


This cable was in turn connected to a TV and it lets you see your insides on the screen.


He indicates there is a patent that is out now, unrecognized for its importance, which shows how to cure all diseases, including AIDS.


The key is to lower body temperature to just above freezing and keep the patient at that state for a short time (unspecified). This kills off all disease, viral or bacterially produced. When the person is brought back to normal, they are cured and the body simply flushes out the toxins.


On the videotape, he indicates that disease is a manifestation from inflamed tissues. So, supercooling of the tissue, kills the inflammation and produces healing. Needless to say, if anyone comes up with any patents relating to this idea, please share them with us all. The patent number would be just fine! Thanks! email here.


Hamel says the same healing effect can be produced using magnets.


He holds up a small disc magnet with a hole in it, like the 1″ magnets from Radio Shack and says the hole in this magnet is the secret to healing and rejuvenation.


Using John Bedini’s fluxgate, you essentially create a monopole of NORTH pole energy which, according to the late Albert Roy Davis and the very much alive Walter Rawls, NORTH pole energy does accelerate healing and extend life, so maybe there is more to this than we currently see.


Hamel says that disease is drawn to the hole in the magnet???


This reminded me of an old article having the title ‘Human Hibernation’. It was in one of those many paperbook books published in the 60s and 70s that contained all kinds of reports, legends, myths and purported claims of phenomena.


The ‘Human Hibernation’ story said there was a valley or mountain area somewhere in Kentucky, Tennessee or one of the other less populated Southern states. In the regional folklore, it was said some of the local families experienced serious food shortages during the harsh winters, so the less mouths they had to feed, the better chance that an entire family would survive.


The older folks, due to age and infirmity, could do little to help the families during this time, yet still had to eat and be kept warm during the long winters. They were the ones chosen to endure this artifically induced human hibernation.


Somehow, they figured out how to freeze people, wrapping them in leaves, boughs, fir needles and covering them at the base of a hill under a large pile of snow. I don’t recall the scant details the article described as it was many years ago, but the people ‘frozen’ in this manner, went into a form of hibernation.


The author was uncertain if the subjects were given some kind of herbal or medicinal drink which would either drug them or help to prevent tissue damage from the freezing process.


When the winter was over and the snow began to melt, the frozen members were extracted from the snow, unwrapped and slowly warmed while other members briskly rubbed the flesh to stimulate circulation. The people so ‘frozen’ recovered, with no ill effects or mental problems.


When water goes through the cold induced phase change to produce ice, the ice expands. In cells, this expansion ruptures the cell walls and causes unrecoverable damage to the body. I have heard there are fluids, even so simple as alcohol that would allow freezing or below freezing temperatures, yet with the water not turning into ice.


Possibly the mysterious ‘point of anomaly’ that occurs in water in the temperature range of about 4 or 6 degrees F. is the key to this process.


At this ‘point of anomaly’, water does not freeze but remains liquid, yet at the very cold temperature of 4-6 degrees.


If this temperature could instantly be applied throughout the body so as to suffuse all of the tissues, then the water would not have a chance to turn into ice crystals. Surely there must be a chemical or herbal preparation that prepares the body by flavoring the cell waters to keep them from producing the damaging ice crystals.


Another strange comment, was that a peanut shell holds two nuts and that when the shell is dry, the nuts vibrate inside the shell, when the nut is fresh, the nuts don’t vibrate. He indicates this has something to do with understanding an aspect of the alien technology, but I don’t get it.


Yet another interesting comment that I don’t get YET, is that an egg is the inspiration for the alien flying machine. In an egg, the white is analogous to ‘wings’ and you cannot get the yolk to hit the side of the shell because of the cushinoning effect of the white and something he calls a filament.


Again, this has something to do with understanding how the ships operate.


So far, the coolest thing is to actually see him operate his spinner. I had thought that you must hold the top ring magnet so that the bottom disc magnet which is sitting on the ball in an attractive mode, would sit up parallel to the top magnet.


When Hamel does it, he holds the top magnet close to the bottom one just close enough to make them parallel.


Then he slowly moves the top magnet away and the lower magnet tilts over with its edge lying on the table!!


It is still stuck on the ball by virtue of magnetic attraction, but now, the ball is serving as a pivot and the ring begins to rotate on its edge at an angle of about 45 degrees from the parallel position.


The ball and disc circumscribes a circle of about 1″ diameter and is ALWAYS lying on its edge. All the while he is talking, the thing is rotating, but he DOES move his hand a bit every so often when it starts to slow down.


Hamel indicates this spinner action is the same as that between the Earth and its sister planet on the opposite side of our sun.

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