Deadly Texas Refinery Blast

TEXAS CITY, Texas- A massive refinery blast today took several lives as a level 3 emergency was called.  Buildings, and cars were destroyed, and black smoke covered the surrounding area.  Airlift helicopters, and ambulences were dispatched to the scene.  Currently a hunt for victims is underway.  There is no word yet of casualties or injuries.

Local residents and reports say:

“I was in my house on Tiki Island and it shook the house,” said Mark Jackson. “I walked out my back door and saw the smoke.”

“We will stay on schedule as much as we can, but the buses could be running late because of the situation,” said Melissa Toreorici, of the Texas City ISD.

The BP Amoco plant, where the blast occured, is 1,200 acres (the largest in Texas). This incident happened roughly 1:30 p.m