December 2006 Headlines: Greek Artifacts & Found Mummy

There have been a few interesting headlines swirling around the first week of December that have caught my eye. This week alone an interesting ancient Egyptian find has been revealed; as well as an interesting showing of Greek artifacts that will be on display in New York City. In this article, you will learn of a few details surrounding some of these great news tidbits.


Ancient Egyptian Doctor Uncovered


While Egyptian archaeologists uncovered the insides of the upper section of a tomb in Saqqara that was discovered in 2000, they made a grand discovery. The find occurred during a round of cleaning, where a burial pit came to life.


In it, there were the funerary remains of a doctor. It is estimated that he lived more than 4,000 years ago. The doctor’s mummy and sarcophagus were found. In his presence, an assortment of bronze surgical instruments was also found. The name of the doctor is Qar, who lived during the 6th century, which lasted from 2350 to 2180 BC. His tomb was constructed close to the first pyramid of Egypt.


Researchers described the lid of the wooden sarcophagus as being rather well preserved. The detailed decoration was still intact as well. When it came to the presentation of the mummy, it was found in great condition. Some of the artifact details that were still remarkable in appearance included the funerary drawings, as well as the linen wrappings. One of the best finds was a mask that is used to cover the faces of mummies. The doctor had one that showcased an unusually high level of preservation despite sustaining a slight damage to the mouthpiece.


Additional pieces found in the tomb included a round limestone table used for conducting offerings, as well as various containers made from earthenware, which is where the name of the doctor was revealed. Accompanying the doctor to the afterlife was 22 statures of gods that were made from bronze.


Rare Greek Artifacts Go On Displays


In New York, the Onassis Cultural Center will display close to 300 archaeological artifacts that hail from popular city-states of the ancient civilizations of Greece. Called “Athens-Sparta,” a wide-range of social, cultural, and artistic details regarding the inhabitants is revealed through the display of these artifacts.


When interested in visiting this showing, head for the midtown Manhattan area, which will present artifacts from 800 B.C. to about 350 B.C. Viewing of the Greek objects can be enjoyed until the end of its run on May 12, 2007. Some of the items that you will come in contact with include spear points and javelin tips dating back to 480 B.C. Various helmets and shields are also on display. Additional artifacts include decorative pottery, drinking vessels, sculpture, coins, and carvings.


To create this fabulous display, many different revered museums throughout Greece have come together to loan valuable objects for the show. Museums from Athens, Sparta, Marathon, Olympia and Rhodes have all chipped in to put create the impressive showing you may visit today.