EXAMINER: CIA Al Gore sting operation described in accuser’s secret messages

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June 28, 12:07 AM

Vancouver UFO Examiner

Jon Kelly

Secret messages from Al Gore’s accuser reveal that the woman Oregon police are describing as a 54-year old
massage therapist may also be part of a CIA team engaged in a Robertson
Panel-type domestic sting operation against the Nobel Laureate and
former Vice President. These inconvenient truths were revealed in an
online video after a Vancouver-based private audio lab reviewed
the police tape in which Gore’s unnamed accuser described him as acting
like a “crazed sex poodle” during a massage session in 2006 booked
through the hotel where Gore was staying at the time.

Signs of intelligence

The police tape was released Saturday into a media climate where just
days earlier, on the eve of Toronto’s provocateur-laden G20 global
economic summit protests, shocking claims emerged from Canada’s spy
chief, CSIS Director Richard Fadden, who told CBC television that two unnamed provincial
cabinet ministers, along with a number of other government officials and
employees are under the influence of foreign countries. The Gore
accuser tape was also released just before CIA Director Leon Panetta
gave his first network news interview on ABC’s This Week Sunday, in
which he defended his agency’s $100 million contract with the corporate
mercenary outfit formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide.

Methods point to common origin

The Gore media scandal is reminiscent of recommendations
made in the Durant Report of the CIA’s Robertson Panel of 1952-53 which
recommended public smear campaigns against individuals claiming
extraterrestrial contact.
Many contemporary researchers in UFO-related studies feel that the
signature of such defamatory attacks can be detected
in the media today.

What the messages said

During her statement, Gore’s unnamed accuser said, “I felt very
uncertain if I’d be able to get out of the room without being accosted
by him anyway at this point. Does that all make sense to y’all? He then
tried another tactic as though he had very suddenly switched
personalities and began in a pleading tone, pleading for release of his
second chakra there, “There’s so much tension being held [he said].”

Studied through a mirror filter, this part of the statement reveals the
reversed message, “We’re with Langley.” Click link to hear audio.
Watch the video here.

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