First NON-Government Craft Flys A Man To Space

It was a 124 mile flight for Michael W. Melvill (Pilot of SpaceShipOne).  Easly this morning, the first commercailly made space craft successfully made it past Earth’s atmosphere, and than re-entered.  The Mission went exactly as planned.

The Goal was to send Manned Space Ship 62 miles off Earth into space.  Than the Craft was supposed to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere, and glide to a perfect landing.  Thats exactly what it did!

The project costed roughly 20 Million.  But despite the aggressive pricetag, the investory are extremely satisfied with the results, and plans to continue making world news with more spectacular events.

NASA was very supportive of SpaceShipOne’s mission, and concurred We need more inventive people to pave the way for cheap commercial space flights.  Oncce space TRAVEL BECOMES AFFORDABLE, SKY’S THE LIMIT!