Go Green and Go Broke!


Talking of green , let’s start with a oft heard
proverb that says ‘the grass is always greener on the other side!”  That is life.  No matter what you do, you always feel that things can be better
and you can make a change for the better. 
The sad truth though is that every action has two sides, like a coin,
one action and the other reaction.  So,
we need to face it and learn to live with the challenges and to see what best
we can do in the scope of our actions, for the improvement of the self and that
of the society , that is our social responsibility today.

We have alternatives to go green today , they
say the generations of invention and discovery that has aided in helping our
life go so fast and trendy has its side effects and that is leading to a lot of
pollution and negative impact on our atmosphere.  We destroyed forests to build commercial complexes and housing
flats, and now are finding it difficult to make ends meet, to recreate the geological
and ecological balance by trying to recreate the forests.  My point is that,  we did one mistake and to correct that we are making quite a few

Take for example, plastic , the sole component
present in everything and anything in our day to day life today.  We all know the ill effects of plastic in
how non-decomposable it is and what a threat it poses to our health, soil and
what not and still why did we in the first place allow it to become so
empowering that it has become part and parcel of our life now?  The worse point here is that it has become
so much of ours , which we don’t or can’t give up on that now.  Simply because the ease at which it is
available and the low cost that it comes at. 

Whether you are looking for plastic cups for
your bathrooms or plastic garden pots, they come in trendy colors and cheap
prices that no other material can even stand near it.  Educating us on the go green initiatives, have left us looking
around for eco-friendly pots and other bare necessities for our everyday
activities and we don’t have much of a choice. 
The price tags that are stuck to these so called eco-friendly products
are alarming , does it not beat the whole concept?  If the people in power want us to buy and start using such
eco-friendly products, does it not become their duty to encourage usage of
these by providing them easily and at lower costs? 

In today’s scenario, with the economic crisis
looming large and with lesser money to spend, every one of the public has put
social responsibility behind the individual responsibility of providing for our
cared ones.  The public today is alright
to care for the society going green if the government or the other ruling
bodies are ready to make it easy that it does not tighten the already tight
purse strings.  Is somebody listening?