Headlines in the News : 4/9-4/16

Whether you are flipping through the local newspaper or clicking on the latest Internet headlines, as the world changes, so does the latest find regarding science, technology and space. In this article, you will read of ancient worm finds, ancient dentists, as well as new photos of the planet, Venus. There is even talk of an ancient pyramid in Bosnia.


Wednesday: Ancient Worm Waste Matters


I didn’t think it was possible, but geologists in Sweden have uncovered fossilized ancient worm feces embedded in rock. The specimen is believed to have come from a worm that lived close to 500 million years ago. How interesting!


Ancient Dentists Knew Their Stuff


After studying more than 300 bodies that originated from a western Pakistani ancient burial scene, it has been confirmed that ancient dentists were drilling teeth to remove decay earlier that previously suspected. The evidence shows that the process was tinkered with at least 9,000 years ago, about a 4,000-year difference. 11 drilled teeth were found at this particular site.


Thursday: A New Look at Venus


Moving right along to news regarding space and technology, new photographs of the south pole located on Venus has been released, showing masses of clouds moving by the force of winds measuring 220 miles per hour. The clouds are shown to be comprised of sulfuric acid. When looking at information regarding the clouds, it is shown that they are about 13 miles deep, which almost surround the entire planet of Venus.


The photos were provided by the European Space Agency, who have sent the Venus Express on an orbiting mission. Swirls which resemble the ones about the north pole have been viewed. The origin of the sulfuric acid clouds is going to be further investigated. The speed and composition are some of the factors that the scientists wish to explore.


More details could arise from the Venus Express analysts. The number of days allotted for this mission is 500, but with new information and photos arising, those in charge hope for the project to continue for a longer period of time.


Friday: A Pyramid in Bosnia?


I’ve heard of the pyramids in Egypt, but I’ve never heard of a pyramid that was built in Bosnia. But in the news, there has been talk of excavations that will start in an area located north of Sarajevo, where a Bosnian explorer believes he will encounter the first pyramids within Europe. Researchers plan to follow man-made tunnels that can be found within an area of hills covered with greenery. They hope to uncover information regarding a lost civilization that is thought to have once existed in the area.


For $150,000, 200 days of excavation work will be completed with additional details coming within three weeks. The evidence of the existence of these ancient pyramids has sent the locals in a frenzy. The residents, as well as businesses are busy preparing for the masses of tourists that may make their way to this destination to catch sight of this unique find.