How About A Treasure Hunt? We Got A Doozy

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How About A Treasure Hunt? We Got A Doozy

Lost ancient artifacts in eastern Europe, War hero fighting for his life finds location of buried ancient artifacts in 1944.Lost to the world till 2001.Location found.

Have you ever wondered, was this all by chance?
Have you wanted to look for artifacts of a lost civilazation?
Have you dreamed of finding the Titanic?
Was there and underground civilization on this planet?
Could we be part of an experiment from worlds unknown to us?
I dont know but?????

This is a quote from the journal of Captain Antonin Horak written in a cave surrounded by German solders trying to kill him in 1944:

“I froze in amazement – There stands something like a large,black silo framed in white limestone formations. It is a glass-smooth flank of a seemingly man-made structure. Even the thought of a tower-sized artifact embedded in rock in the
middle of an obscure mountain is bewildering.”
– Antonin T. Horak diary – October 23, 1944

Does this excert from a WW2 journal make you wonder what he saw that made such and impression on him to write about it while struggling for his life fighting the Germans in 1944.

It made an anomalies research group from The Museum of the Unexplained in Missouri take notice in 2000.

In 2000, Larry Cekander,VP of the Museum of the Unexplained heard the story from Ted Phillips and became very interested just like other researchers from decades past.

After talking with other board members about this case plans where made for a trip into the area. Funds where secured by the Museum from a donation from Cekander to finance the trip.

With new information in hand the Museum sent Ted Phillips and a helper Steve Vilmer over for a 6 week investigation to the area. A week before they where to return home Steve Villmer literally fell into the cave that has stayed hidden for 6 decades.

Larry Cekander, Lead Project Coordinator, “states that everthing noted as being left in the cave by Tony was there as was the markings on the cave walls as described in the diary. This cave had waited 57 years for someone to find it. We did that. Now we need to finish the job. It still holds secrets but the location is no longer lost.

What or who could have placed this artifact inside a cave. We want to know and thats the bottom line. We want to finish what was started by Tony Horack in 1944″. Cekander states “this could rewrite history as we know it today. We need a sponsor or sponsors to do the final research trip to this location and open the fourth chamber where the Artfact is resting along with a ten thousand year old Cave Bear Skeleton.”

Cekander says “I guess I just read to many stories of great expeditions to the unknown when i was a kid. I watch the Discovery Channel more than regular tv programs. I’m still learning and I’m still dreaming. I’m still looking up to the stars”

When asked why he thinks this is real..he stated, “Its simple you dont write science fiction in a cave in 1944, fighting for your life in a pitch battle with the German Army. You are eating bats to stay alive and you where left for dead on the battle field after being wounded. Tony Horak found something very real.

Do you still dream of wonderous things of the past. Ancient Artifacts buried for thousands of years.

Now is your chance to join with the Museum of the Unexplained and open the Moonshaft thats been waiting 60 years for our team to get there since Tony Horak discovered it in 1944.

Cekander states “This is and extraordinary opportunity for someone with vision and a dream to be involved hands on.” If they are in excellent health and have back country experience you could go on the trip of a life time..

Sponsors will get credit for helping in the project and a tax credit as well since the Museum is a 501c3 research organization. “We are trying to raise a minimum of $225,000 to jump start the project, get in this spring with a small team and continue the interior survey with expense’s estimated at $500,000 total. One sponsor or thousands of small sponsors will still get the job done.”

Donations to the project dont have to be monetary as equipment is needed such as generators, power jacks, caving harness, ropes, lights, shovels, atv’s, anything concerning rough terrian and packing into the area. We need GPS and satellite comunications equipment with computor links possible from the area. The list is long and if you have something you might like to get a tax credit on contact us at the e-mail or phone numbers listed.

What did Tony Horak see in 1944 that made such and impact on him. Its sitting there waiting for a Dreamer or two. This dream is big enough for many to have. There’s room for all.

This can equal or surpass the opening of King Tuts Tomb, locating the Titanic, the Aztec, the Inca’s, the discovery of the New World with the bonus of a 10,000 year old cave bear waiting for the team.

Lets add to the history book.

For more information on sponsorships, you may contact the Lead Project Coordinator.

or call The Museum of the Unexplained at



See more about this research at this link. Read the diary. Once you start you wont stop.