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I will tell you how to blow up the world. But first you must learn how to enter a magickal state of consciousness, where all things are possible and a power is yours.

Once you have achieved magickal consciousness, you can blow up a thousand people whenever you want. Maybe more.


The world disgusts the hell out of me. It needs to be cleansed. This cleansing can be easily accomplished by blowing up the world.

By destroying everything, we humans will free to evolve onto a higher plane existence. For in death all people will find enlightenment, wisdom, and godliness.

Keep in mind that everything I am going to teach you is illegal. I’m going to teach you how to blow up the world!

My doctor has told me repeatedly to keep this secret to myself, but I feel compelled to share it with you because it will take at least 777 people who are skilled at entering a magickal state of consciousness to cleanse the earth of evil humanity. Blowing it up is our only hope to free the world of corruption, selfishness, loneliness, stupidity, and other human frailties.

And we can do it. We can blow it up. It is our duty to fulfill the Bible prophecy: “Behold, there was a great explosion; and the sun disappeared in the sky black with smoke, the full moon became red like blood with dust, then sparks and burning embers fell from the sky to earth. The atmosphere suddenly vanished and every mountain and island was blown flat where it stood. . .for the great day of wrath has come. . .” (Revelation)

Notice that we must blow up the world on a full moon. This means we will have only one chance each month to work our magick. All 777 of us, no matter where we are, must enter the State at the same time on the night of a full moon.

But until this time comes, you can practice blowing up a few thousand people at a time with my special technique: Instead of using 777 human beings to he you achieve greater power with your magick, you will utilize helper spirits, also known as demons.

As you probably know, demons are absolute fools. They are nothing more than stupid monkey angels. One interesting fact about demons is that they cannot resist putting their ‘fingers’ into rings, holes, circles and loops. If you make an ‘O’ with your thumb and first finger, a demon will put its finger through it. It happens every time.

If you can’t see the demon with your eyes, don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s not there! Enter the Magickal State, and switch on your spirit eyes, and quickly and repeatedly blink your physical eyes. Pretty soon you’ll see it.

I have seen demons put their fingers through coffee cup handles, wedding rings, paper clips, the lacing eyelets of running shoes, key rings, and more I have even seen demons put their fingers into the nostrils of unaware people when there were no other circles available. Do you ever wonder why your nose itches spontaneously sometimes? It’s a demon. They love making you scratch a pick your nose, trying to scrape a booger out–in truth the irritant you feel is not dried snot, it is a demon’s finger! Demons think it is uproariously funny when you inflict yourself with a bloody nose because of their mischief.

Because demons cannot resist holes and circles, the best way to trap demons to create loops in which you can entice them.

Try this: With twenty feet of kite string, tie a two inch loop every 10 inches for the entire length of the string. It will, more or less look, like this:


Hang the string between the bars on your window and the railing on your bed. You will immediately capture several stupid monkey angels! It shouldn’t take more than five minutes. If you are not lucky enough to be able to see the invisible, you’ll know they’re there because the string will rock with almost imperceptible movements, without any outside forces –wind, breath, someone walking by in the hall — affecting it. The demons will stay up there, with their fingers in the loops, content as idiots, indefinitely. They cannot break away because they are so stupid. I have seen a demon keep its finger in the hole of a donut in the nurses’ waste basket until the donut decomposed with mold!

If your floor nurse will allow it, make the loops out of copper wire instead of string. The electromagnetic properties of the wire make it doubly irresistible to demons. However, your nurses will probably not want you to use wire because they fear electrocution, so string will have to do.

The one and only problem I’ve had with demons is discipline. When you have twenty of them hanging from string loops, you’ve got trouble. Unless you can force them to do your will, they’ll try to take over, and usually this means they will grab your genitals and stuff their fists up your anus, if you’re male, or stuff their fists up to your uterus and into your anus, if you’re female. As I’ve previously stated, they love holes!

You can make them stop, if you want to, or you can enjoy yourself, if you’re in the mood to be gang banged by monkey angels. It’s not always a bad thing. Yet if your goal is to blow up a thousand people with brain bombs, being screwed half to death by demons is a distraction you can do without.

Make them stop by firmly shouting: STOP OR BE CRUSHED BY JESUS! Once you have their attention, tell them you need their brain power (what there is of it) to help you blow up an enemy. They will enjoy this. They are stupid little monkey angels with super occult power.

Use it! The power belongs to you!


You will need two containers the size of shot glasses. Then you need to pee few drops into one and drip a few drops of blood into the other. Stand in front of your monkey angel string, holding the pee and blood, one in each hand, and then dip the first finger of your left hand into the pee and the first finger of your right hand into the blood.

Tell the monkey angels to dip their free fingers into the containers with you Don’t let go when the mad stampede takes place!

When you and the monkey angels are dipped in the blood and pee, picture a place in your mind that you would like to see blown up. A government building, your school, the Empire State Building, the White House–any building.

Enter the Magickal State and keep the picture of the building you wish to destroy in your thoughts. Tell the monkey angels to help you. They must do as you say.

Now give the building all of your destructive energy. Let it fly. All of your rage and anger and hate. All of the bad feelings you have ever had in your life. All of the teasing you’ve endured. All of the indifference. All of the pain. All of the ugliness. Let it fly.

If you have done this correctly, you will be able to turn on the television or radio and hear news of your destructive work.