Interesting Headlines in November 2007

With all of the talk of UFO probes and odd happenings regarding Saturn, this is a perfect time to mention some of the interesting headlines emerging throughout November. In this article, you will also learn about the age of chocolate and the importance of a Peruvian temple.

UFO Inquiries

While may have dismissed the experiences of some former military pilots as night blindness and stressful conditions, the collection of flyers and observers have stood by their claims of seeing unidentified flying objects. On Monday, they voiced their opinions and beliefs once more when they creates an international panel and asked the United States government to reopen investigations regarding UFOs. The panel consists of 24 former pilots and government officials and believes it is in the best interest of the government to investigate further for the safety and security of the world. Some of their former reports have involved glowing spheres, flying discs, and other odd experiences.

Saturn Recordings

Have you ever wondered what it sounds like up there in space? Well, NASA is sharing the sounds of outer space with its recordings of the region about Saturn. The Cassini-Huygens space probe has uncovered a host of interesting sounds that would put any science fiction movie to shame. The collection of audio recordings include a series of odd whistling, warbling, echoes, and more that can be found on the main NASA website. Some of the recordings you will encounter include a 2005 flyby of Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons; radar echoes; and a reenactment of what you would hear if you were traveling through the atmosphere of Titan.

The Important Peruvian Temple

Located in the northern desert coast of Peru, a temple that is believed to be 4,000 years old was found and reveals significant information. It is believed that the enhanced design and the colors in the artwork are rather important , suggesting that the people during this time were more advanced than what researchers and archeologists initially deduced. The site spans 7,000 square feet and is called Ventarron. The painted walls are white and red with murals showcasing deer hunts. When analyzing the fragments of paint found on the walls, the inner mural (nearly fully intact) suggests that the people of this time were utilizing the art of decoration.

The Age of Chocolate

The chocolate drinks that Central America was known for may have originated more than 3,000 years ago , a ½ millennium earlier than what previous evidence led to believe. The latest research on the subject unfolded as the remains of pottery found in the lower Ulua Valley (northern Honduras) gives proof that dates back to about 1100 BC. The residue found in the pots consists of theobromine, which is associated with the cacao plant (the source of chocolate). Previous evidence suggested that the first time chocolate was used in history was about 500 years later. When viewing the style of pottery, archeologists believe that the vessels were used in significant ceremonies like weddings and the birth of a new child.