Interesting Headlines of January 2008

This month, we may see the making of a UFO cover-up in our midst; an unexplainable medical mystery; an ancient ship with the promise of a look into 4th century Mediterranean; and an oncoming asteroid that poses no threat , all explained in this edition of “Interesting Headlines” for January 2008.

How Did She Do That?

In the news, the unexplainable twist for a young girl is causing a stir in the medical community. It seems that a 15-year-old teenager who received a transplant for a failed liver when she was nine has become the first-known individual to actually switch blood types.  In an amazing twist, an Australian girl has actually switched blood groups and taken the path of her donor’s immune system. Demi-Lee Brennen received the transplant at one of the best children’s hospitals in Sydney. It was about nine months after her surgery that doctors discovered the switch, which occurred when stem cells from the new liver traveling to her bone marrow. Today, she is healthy and doctors are now interested in whether or not this same change can be duplicated in other transplant patients in an effort to cure other ailments.

Ancient Ship Uncovering Date Set

June is the timeline set for marine archeologists in Cyprus to uncover the hull of a ship dating back 2,300 years, which is currently buried under sand. The vessel is thought to have been a ferry for wine when it sunk into the waters off the coast of Cyprus. This 4th century gem is one of only few of its kind that have highlighted a well-preserved body. Researchers are hoping to learn more about the nautical ins and outs of this period in time that affected the eastern part of the Mediterranean. It will also reveal details about the economic history of the region as well. It was stated that the ship seems to be of the contemporary mold of a Kyrenia ship , measuring 50 feet in length. It was a Greek Cypriot diver who accidentally found its existence when venturing about the northern coast of the island more than 40 years ago.

Asteroid Won’t Strike Us

Anyone who was aware of the 500 foot-plus asteroid making its way towards Earth can now sleep easy, knowing that it will continue to make a rare pass, but will not make impact. The object, which is referred to as 2007 TU24 will have its closest approach at 334,000 miles (which translates into 1.4 times the distance of the Earth to the moon. However, this nighttime journey will still be bright enough for people with medium-sized telescopes to catch a peek. People were in an uproar because actual collision of the same sort of object does take place on Earth on the average of every 37,000 years. The next time to ever catch a glimpse at an asteroid of this size will occur in 2027.

Air Force Makes Changes to a Texas UFO Explanation

Recently, a handful of witnesses claim to have seen a UFO in Stephenville, Texas and now the Air Force is making a few changes to the original reports. A large aircraft with white lights was seen hovering in the sky for about five minutes. In the end, jet fighter ‘chased’ it away. At first, Fort Worth Air Force Reserve denied having any fighters in the area, but now is claiming that close to a dozen F-16s were flying over Stephenville that night. Can we say , “Hmmmmmmmm”¦.”