Interesting News Headlines ”“ June 2012

From spotting unexplainable objects in the sky to uncovering artifacts from the past, the headlines hitting the news in the early part of June 2012 touch upon discoveries in the Middle East, China, and southern Iran.

UFO Sighting Debunked

Early this month, a mysterious light appeared over several countries in the Middle East ”“ stirring whispers of a UFO sighting. The odd light was spotted in regions, such as Syria, Israel and Iran. The popular thought was that the sighting was an unidentified aircraft, but confirmation has been received by multiple sources that the sight in the sky was just the result of a Russian intercontinental ballistic missile test.

The first sighting was spotted by journalist Rob Stevens who posted an image on his Twitter account with the message, “Just Seen a strange UFO over Fheis. It hovered, and then made a swirl and disappeared.” Videos of the missile sighting were recorded in Syria and one allegedly came from Iran. Ynet News quickly put the rumors to rest by reporting that the hundreds of calls to Israeli police stations were fueled by a missile test. The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that the missile test started in the Astrakhan region in central Russia and was seen all over ”“ by people in Armenia, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

It is thought that the missile lost control and its aftermath and fuel is what people spotted in the sky. The reason that the sighting appeared in numerous locations was because of the height that it reached ”“ about 200 to 300 kilometers.

Chinese Archeologists Unearth Terracotta Artifacts

It has taken three years, but Chinese archeologists working in the northern Xi’an province have uncovered 110 warriors and 12 horses linked to the tomb of China’s first emperor.  ”“ all made out of terracotta. Other highlights of the excavation include parts of chariots, weapons, and tools that date back centuries. The relics are considered significant, being called some of the most well-preserved artifacts of its kind. The detail is also exquisite to look at ”“ painted with colorful hues.  The life-size figures were excavated close to the Qin Emperor’s mausoleum, who ruled over the unification of China in 221 BC. He is regarded as the first emperor of the nation.

Advanced Architecture Found in Persepolis

While digging in Persepolis, archeologists have uncovered a section of ancient sewage system of the city ”“ comprised of branching canals. Built during the late 6th century BC, the system was attributed to Darius I ‘s rule in what we now know as southern Iran. A team of Iranian archeologists uncovered 20 meters of the canal, which will shed light on how the operation worked during the Achaemenid era.