Interview with Greg Bishop

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This is the sixth of a number of Book of THoTH interviews with the speakers at the Symposium Conference 2006 . This being with Greg Bishop who owns The Excluded Middle Website. Questions by THoTH and Oddthings.

BoT: Welcome to the interview Mr. Bishop.

GB: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to expound on my crazy ideas. It doesn’t happen too often.

BoT: You are a prolific writer on a wide range of topics, from UFO’s to Nikola Tesla. Can you tell us what was it that began your interest in the paranormal, i.e. the first influences and why that got you interested?

GB:I haven’t the slightest idea why I became interested in this stuff. As far back as I can remember, I’ve been interested in anomalies. When my sister and I were past reading “Cat In The Hat” and other such things, My father used to take us to the library every week and told us to check out as many books as we wanted, and read them before coming back the next week. For some reason, I started in the Dewey decimal system at 127……