Is There Still Time For US To Leave The Party Gracefully?

Is There Still Time For US To Leave The Party Gracefully?

   The answer is regrettably, No.

   Many drastic changes will have to come about just to avoid  some of the drunken sailors that are already having their way with US. Once WE allowed them to fondle OUR pocket books there was no stopping their insatiable appetites for power and control. They are continually fondling OUR neighbors pocket books and also spilling sacred things all over their carpet and destroying precious property.  Who invited all of these hooligans to OUR party anyway?

   We did. Oh yes, WE did. For examples: a few years ago we gave up one room school houses for institutions of lower learning. Can we return to one room school houses? Yes! Many are still working very hard to home-school their government owned children. What? How do you think they can take them away anytime that they want to then? Dumbed  down by institutes of lower learning, we have ‘lost’  use of four-fifths of OUR brains.

   Our brains, we have at least five thus far recognized, have been put on a no-fact or low-fact diet for many years now. In the beginning, the R-complex section (Reptilian or Republican?) of our brain helped US survive in a very predatory life style. The R-complex brain served US well for many years. Then something happened and OUR brains created a new section on top of the R-complex-old mammalian complex. Then something happened again and a-new mammalian complex- brain was added to the R and old mammalian. Fairly recently THEY have discovered  the Frontal-lobe complex.  Where do OUR emotions come from? THEY say that OUR emotions are found in the Limbic complex of OUR brain (s) The R-complex, the old mammalian/ new mammalian complex, the Limbic complex, the frontal lobe complex make up four ‘parts’ of OUR brain (s). Now, many of US have reactivated the fifth brain, OUR Heart complex and guess what? Our Heart brain is as power-filled, if not more power filled than all of the other four brains combined!

   OUR dumbed down state utilizes only one part of OUR brain, if WE don’t use OUR Heart brain, which WE very seldom do. The one part that is utilized most often today is the R-complex brain. This part of the brain (s) is where WE find anger, hate, judgement, denial, fear, to name but a very few reactions.  This part of the brain is fed a daily dose of  low-fact by the Tele-Vipers, Radio Bull-casters, and No Good News Printers. The simple solution remains hidden from the masses by the R-complex brain. Change YOUR diet or drop it all together.

   Get re-acquainted with YOUR Heart complex. Turn on some compassion and listen more often to your ‘intuition’, YOUR Heart brain trying to contact YOU. Try thinking for YOURSELF for a welcomed change, but remember to use YOUR Heart brain, not the R-complex all the time. Turn off  the TV, Radio, and stop reading the daily garbage wrappers. Reactive YOUR Heart brain before the party is over and everything is shut down and closed up tight.

   How can WE leave the party gracefully?  WE can’t! It’s OUR party! Why should WE be the ones to leave?