Man Arrested For Stalking Girls Via Xbox Live!



If you look to the lower right corner of the screen when playing with your Xbox 360, you will see that Xbox live keeps track of what you are doing and offers that information to anyone you have had contact with through Xbox Live.

Anyone you’ve been in contact with can see what you’re up to, regardless of whether they’re on your friends list or not.  The amount of detail Xbox Live passes on to others goes way beyond just linking you up with other gamers.  Want to hear a true to life horror story?  Read on:

It is not enough to be vigilant about protecting your privacy in online chat rooms and social networking sites such as MySpace.  Believe it or not you need to also worry about protecting yourself when you are toying with a multi-player video game like the Xbox.

It seems that A 20-year old male was arrested in Spokane, Washington for stalking a 15-year old girl he met online playing Halo.  The accused was from Saratoga Springs, New York, which means he drove 2,600 miles from New York to Washington in order to drive past the girl’s house and send her text messages.

The parents of the minor saw his license plate number as he drove by and called the police.  At the start, he was able to find her address online and began sending packages and flowers to her home.  Her parents returned them all.  He also sent several hundred text messages to her cell phone, which forced her parents to change her number.  He did not stop there.  He managed to find her new number via Internet search and then decided to drive 40 hours straight to find her in her home town.

Police say they traced the man to a Spokane motel.  He was booked on a felony count of stalking and placed in the Spokane County Jail later to be released on bond pending trial.