Mantras, Mandalas, the Krell Helmet

The Vedas:

                       Mantras, Mandalas, the Krell Helmet

                                 and John Keely

                          by Jerry W. Decker, Director

                                Vangard Sciences

    The Vedas contain  many  references to machines and devices which appear

    to use certain types of fire.  This fire is said to consist of any of 49

    different varieties which include sound,  electricity,  magnetism,  heat

    and other types which modern man has yet to re-discover.

    For some mysterious reason, I have always been attracted  to these Vedic

    stories, possibly due  to  a  consuming  interest in the work of John W.

    Keely stemming from the late 60’s.  Sounds, indeed all frequencies, have

    properties which formal science has yet to uncover.

    The Vedas speak of flying machines,  referred  to as Vimanas, which were

    purported to use the power of sound for the production of levitation and


    On a recent  (May  89)  visit to the local Hare Krisna  temple  here  in

    Dallas with two  visiting  friends,  one from England and the other from

    Maine, we met an interesting young devotee.

    This man was conversant in Sanskrit  and  was  able  to read the ancient

    Vedic documents.  On  discovering this, one of our party  inquired  what

    the young man knew of the ancient technologies of which the Vedas speak,

    including Vimanas.

    The young man  proceeded  to  tell  us of the Disc of Rama, known as the

    Sudarshan Disc.  It seems that periodically  the  world becomes infested

    with men who  have  lost  their direction towards unification  with  the


    When this occurs,  and the numbers of these men are such that they begin

    to drag down the rest of struggling  humanity,  Rama was said to release

    the Sudarshan Disc.

    The Disc went forth to seek out these “miscreants” who have forsaken the

    path, to bring  about their destruction.  On the successful  destruction

    of such people,  the  Disc  returned  to  Rama to await its next call to


    Apparently the Sudarshan Disc was  capable  of  some  type  of signature

    analysis in that  waveforms and/or frequencies associated  with  certain

    modes of thought  or  behavior  would  cause  the weapon to seek out and

    destroy the offending target.

    There is a story which we have been  unable  to  verify  which says that

    Tesla had come  up  with some type of weapon or technology  which  would

    vaporize any item  which  might  be  picked  up  with the intent to harm


    Mr. Tesla was alleged to have presented  this  idea  to  Congress  in an

    attempt to acquire funding for a weapon which would obviate  all wars or

    hostile actions on the planet.

    This device also  must have been capable of detecting certain “orders of

    vibration – Keely” which would be associated  with  such  behavior.   Of

    course, the offer was turned down.

    The devotee told us that modern man was wasteful and  negligent  in  the

    dispensation of his  weapons of war and destruction when compared to the

    abilities of the masters of Vedic technologies.

    Modern weapons are sent forth without  regard  for  innocent  people who

    have nothing to do with the anger which brought about the problem in the

    first place.  As   a  result,  many  innocent  people   are   needlessly


    The Vedas speak  of a technology which provided for specific and precise

    direction of those destructive energies towards a singular target.

    As an example, the young devotee spoke  of the “Fire Arrow”.  This was a

    specific mandala (a   two-dimensional   representation   of   a   three-

    dimensional form) which  could be mentally projected in conjunction with

    the mantra/yantra (the vocalization  of  the pattern encoded in the two-

    dimensional mandala).

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