Marriage and sexual relation

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Marriage is a social arrangement to allow woman and man to live together; a social acceptance and conformity to maintain sexual relation for reproduction. Social purpose of marriage is to regulate sexual relation between man and woman. This system of sexual behavior differentiates human from other species, builds sexual connection more respectable and meaningful to maintain discipline in the society. Each society has different systems of marriage in relation to its culture, yet, the objective of all is to recognize sexual conduct of partners living together. Sexual activity is the foundation of marriage and fulfillment is the tool for constant relation. Sexual craving is the attraction that drags to togetherness. Under the social system of marriage, couples achieve identity and highest respect in the society that protects their relation.


For nature sexual activity may be procreation but for human it is sexual craving, leads to seek partner for the fulfillment and marriage is the social solution.  Society disallows sexual relation before marriage or extra marital affairs, reason behind this if approved there would be no difference between human and other species. Human too would act as animals for seeking partner. For animals may not be dangerous as their sexual periods are in long intervals, on the other hand human have short and frequent could lead to violent atmosphere. Social interference is to arrest such unwanted activities to store rights and peace.


Marriage is portrayed as religious and fortunate that people wait anxiously for this moment to enter married life. Celebrations and custom rituals signify the identity of being Wife / Husband and togetherness. Real life begins for both individuals when they need to share personality and sensual feelings. Sex rules in the beginning of married life for openness and understanding each other. Sex is the instrument that connects both to represent as one to make family, family becomes a fraction of the society. Sexual contentment is essential for first stage to retain married life intact. After some times of marriage sexual desire becomes part of normal routine. First stage of married life is sensitive; each partner’s endeavor is to influence own approach to create self environment in the home.  This is psychological war to create own dominance, weaker one has to surrender. Man surrenders when he is economically, physically and emotionally weak. Women are more sensible, understand social pressure on women as each religion prescribes women’s role as submissive. Also as I feel man is not as keen as woman to bind self in the family. It is woman’s attempt; man sticks in the family. Woman’s desire of own family is for protection/security of own and children. Woman needs freedom but with protection and security, to an adult woman her own family is her security. Keeping “family” in the mind she sacrifices the dominance. Without woman there is no family so woman is the pillar of the family structure. In modern world woman’s rights have awakened her to educate self and economic independence. Has revolutionized the social thinking about woman, she is now more independent and self esteemed resulted many changes of married life. Both men and women have to compromise for stable family. Old system of marriage is not practical any more, both man and woman need to be familiar with each other before marriage, so can understand the personality and history can help to advance.  Solutions become easier to rectify weaker points in order to consecrate family value.


·         Sincerity of both the partners builds confidence in them to last relation.

·         In many a cases disappointment takes place when desire exists for unreachable in any form. “Adore what you have and what is within reach”. 

·         Sincerity of both the partners builds confidence in them to last relation.

·         Sexual satisfaction is enticement to keep relation so not to hesitate. Satisfy partner in whatever painless/ non hurting manner.

·         Many marital disputes are due to past sexual relations that are kept secret. When exposed becomes matter of life and death. Revelation in the beginning avoids misunderstanding.

·         Compromising own ego for positive reasons builds smoothness.