Nucelar Weapons Shouldn’t be Used

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Excerpted without permission from UTNE READER JAN/FEB 1989,
an excerpt from from the BERKLEY ECOLOGY CENTER NEWSLETTER MAY 1988.

MAY 14, 1945 : Plutonium is injected intravenously into a human subject in an experiment carried Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory. Eighteen human subjects are injected with plutonium in 1945 n 96

OCT. 10, 1957 : a fire at an English nuclear facility causes radiation
leakage and contaminates milk in a 200 mile radius with iodine-131. The
contaminated milk is dumped into the Irish Sea.

MARCH 1958 : Kyshtym, USSR. Nuclear waste plant explodes, destroying hundreds of square miles of nd causing thousands of people to contract radiation sickness.

JAN. 3, 1961 : Sl-1 Idaho Falls experimental test reactor. Three technicians were killed as they fuel rods in a ‘routine’ preparation for the reactor startup. One technician was blown to the ciigo he containment dome and impaled on a control rod. His body remained there until it was takn ow sx ay later. These men were so heavily exposed to radiation that their hands and heads hadto e brie seeraely with other radioactive waste.

MARCH 1968 : In an uniddentified reactor, workers used a basketball to plug a pipe during modificto the plant’s spent fuel pool cooling system. Further work was in process, and the basketball a lse through the pipe and out the open end, followed by 14,000 gallons of water filling up therom.
1971 : The Atomic Energy Commision (AEC) admitted an error in radiation
exposure limits by proposing a hundred-fold reduction in routine emission

MARCH 1972 : Sen. Mike Gravel of Alaska submitted to the Congressional Record facts surrounding ane check in a nuclear power plant which indicated abnormal radioactivity in the building’s wate ytm Radioactivity was confirmed in the plant drinking fountain. Apparently there was an inapprprat piae ross-connect between a 3,000 gallon radioactive tank and the water system.

SEPT. 21,, 1980 : En route from Pennsylvania to Toronto, two canisters
containing radioactive materials fall off a truck on New Jersey’s Rout 17. The driver discovers missrgo in Albany, New York, when he sees only one of three canisters is still on the truck.

*** And they truly believe they know what their doing with nuclear power! ‘Trust us madame, we’re nuscientists!’ I don’t know about you, but I don’t think our technology is ready yet for the nucla g,al their doing is building Enviromental time-bombs….something you shouldn’t do to mother atre **