Police Arrest Man Who Promised Resurrection of Beslan Children

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http://mosnews.com/news/2006/04/06/arrestofgrabovoi.shtml A cult leader who promised to resurrect the victims of the Beslan school massacre has been arrested on fraud charges in Moscow, local media reported.

Grigory Grabovoi, who says he can heal, save people’s lives and cure AIDS with his mind, convinced several Beslan mothers at a seance in Moscow last year that their children would return. The victims’ mothers even exposed themselves to ridicule from the press by publicly stating their belief in their children’s resurrection.

However, many relatives of those killed in the massacre demanded a probe into the faith-healer’s activities, saying he was trying to discredit their campaign for justice. The Prosecutor’s general office promised to investigate the case, but it took several months to gather the evidence needed for Grabovoi’s arrest.

“Grigory Grabovoi was detained as a suspect in a criminal case regarding fraud committed by the Grigory Grabovoi Foundation,” a city prosecutor told Interfax news agency.

The “magician” was arrested during a meeting with his sect members. About 30 people tried to prevent the policemen from arresting their leader, but the police managed to take Grabovoi away through the back entrance of the hotel where the meeting was being held.

Specific charges are due to be brought soon.