September 11 and the “Anthrax Scare”

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September 11 and the “Anthrax Scare”

by Ravenaeus

In order to fully understand the events of September 11 and the “Anthrax Scare”, you must look at the world wide actions historically that led to those events. Many of the things leading up to those incidents started with the “War Powers Act” and were the culmination of the actions of individuals, organizations, corporations, and political families that have existed since that time. The abuse of power and people, the over-use of natural resources, and the subversion of entire nations continued with overwhelming economic influence at the conclusion of the second world war. The continued consolidation of corporations and influential families into international conglomerates that have more wealth individually than entire nations actually began in the 1920’s.

The primary motivation of the United States and Europe since 1978 has been the acquisition of oil, coal, and other similar natural resources from smaller, less developed nations around the world. The “Drug War” in Central and South America was begun in order to protect and preserve the flow of oil and other natural resources into the US and Europe, to preserve access to the Panama Canal, and to use subversive tactics to bring friendly governments into power that will continue to allow American and European oil companies into those nations. Much like the DeBeer’s Empire/Diamond Cartel that has been allowed to kill or remove whole tribes in Africa and the Pacific in order to retain their dominance of the diamond industry, the industrially developed nations (including Japan in Peru and New Zealand, the US and Europe in Central and South America, etc.) have done whatever needed to offset the stranglehold of OPEC nations on the world oil supply. NAFTA was only one treaty designed to curry favor from the nations of the American continents.

With the creation of the WTO, the dominant corporations from around the world have consolidated their grip on the global economy and governments in ways that the Roman Empire, the Third Reich, the Huns, the Turks, and even Napoleon could not complete with attempted military dominance. With a pen-stroke, whole nations can be plunged into deep recession and overwhelming debt. The unemployment, national debt, trade levies, as well as the supply of raw materials and food can be manipulated by the individuals of the WTO who are not elected, are not representatives of any specific nation or people, and are not accountable to any nation or populace. There is no longer a need for military equipment or personnel other than to protect the infrastructures needed to move goods. Assassination with ink rather than a bullet, economic crippling to any nation or governmental representative that will not cooperate. It is more efficient and has been done continuously for almost two decades.

Afghanistan, while under the leadership of the Taliban was involved in negotiations with European and Soviet oil companies for the rights to build an oil pipeline to the southern sea. The nations, including the US, were held hostage for increased funds and other concessions for more than ten years. The pipeline had been completed to the Soviet border, but the Taliban would not allow completion. No surprise that the first thing acted upon after the invasion was the placement of oil construction companies for the security/building of the rest of the pipeline. The same can be said of the deployments to South and Central America. When there are no threats to the flow of resources, including oil, guerillas and drug cartels are left alone; However, immediately after an attack on an oil pipeline or mine, they are hunted down and killed. Many soldiers returning from duty can attest to these facts. There are regions around the world in which our soldiers are deployed for the express purpose of protecting oil pipelines and mining operations (irony, most do not belong to a corporation based/registered as domestic in the US).

Many individuals will become angry while reading the next section; however, please use of rational thought and evaluate the following statements before reaching a decision. These statements can also be verified because of press statements and media coverage.

1. The anthrax delivered to the dissenting national media and elected representatives was found to be from a covert operations US Army base known to have CIA connections. It was Americans who did it.

2. All of the individuals involved with the September 11 actions were CIA trained in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan. Most were still considered active contacts/actively engaged with CIA. One individual who had trained them was featured in an interview with CNN the following week. Please note that many non-violent Arabs went to Afghanistan to repel the Soviets and to keep that nation sovereign that have no further associations with the Taliban or Al-Queda.

3. The individuals were said to have been known terrorists and on an active watch list.. Yet, they were CIA trained? AND, allowed into the US multiple times.

4. One plane (crashed in Penn.) was on direct line with the “Capitol” and had it reached its target few if any congressmen or senators would have survived leaving only a prejudiced supreme court and the executive branch to control the government.

5. Two individuals voted against the executive branch: one dead (unexplained plane crash), other quit mid-re-election campaign.

5. The individuals shown on CNN, CBC, and BBC and described as employees of the CDC in the process of cleaning the senate office building were driving black Suburbans, wore no self-contained air supply, and carried no equipment into the buildings. (NOTE: anthrax is an airborne spore that requires a self-contained air supply to prevent inhalation.)

6. Since the “anthrax scare”, the media and joint congress has not voted or spoke out against the unconstitutional legislation requested by the executive branch.

7. There was an open “declaration of war” given by Pres. Bush to the joint session of congress and broadcast internationally. Yet, no media agency reported it for what it was???? It is a declared, unlimited “war on terrorism” that resulted in the repair of the flow of oil before the care of the Iraqi/Afghan citizens.

8. The amount of cocain imported into the US has exponentially increased annually since the “war on drugs” began, and coincidentally the largest crop and export of heroin occurred this year with our military on the ground in Afghanistan. There is an unspoken policy of ” we will look the other way but allow us an occasional bust” in exchange for the protection and continued flow of resources from drug exporting nations.

9. The members of the executive branch of the US government were not in the “line of fire” nor were the WTC buildings occupied normally as suggested by the Customs reports on the days the attacks occurred. The president was out of Washington, D.C. due to a last minute schedule change.

10. NO high level operative in the military, FBI, CIA, NSC, or executive administration were surprised by the attack, but were unable to prevent it?

11. IF these acts were in fact terrorism, why have no more attacks happened? Why has the US government not brought the “thwarted” terrorists who have attempted acts in the last two years into courts or even presented the evidence that such attempts have occurred?

12. The plane that hit the Pentagon diverted from the normal flight path, circled, then hit the opposite side of the building. The side containing senior Army personnel that disagreed openly with the executive branch.

All the above said, we now know that there was never evidence that the Taliban government was directly involved, nor is there any evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with Al-Queda or the attacks, nor did any nation posses any evidence that Iraq had WMD’s or the ability to produce them. Factually, most experts said these things openly and were ignored and blacklisted for expressing their dissenting opinions. We also know that the individuals were from Saudi Arabia and were trained by the CIA. We also know that the “anthrax scare” used an American strain from a US Army based known to have CIA operational involvement.

Why September 11? Because no one in the US will forget “911”. It is the “emergency assistance number” for most American citizens. Why would it be perpetrated by our own government? The volume of media coverage and the fear created allowed the “Homeland Security Act” and “Patriot Act” which contain numerous violations of the constitution to be passed into law. This also removed the scrutiny of the facts behind the appointment rather than legitimate election of the president. These acts remove the “probable cause” requirement for a warrant, remove the right of the accused to face his accuser, and remove the need for a judge to place his name on the warrant. That is just the beginning. None of these laws are directed only at others entering the nation, as a matter of fact, most apply to the violation of the rights of American Citizens….(removing shoes to board a domestic flight, random detentions and searches of Americans, random road blocks for national security).

Historically, the FBI, CIA, NSA, and NSC were filled or established by Nazi SS members who were brought to the US after WWII. Their expertise in information gathering, intelligence, spying, and espionage were of prime value to the US, England, and the Soviet Union. The KGB and MI in England were also filled with former SS that were given asylum in exchange for their service. Like it, hate it……but the facts are documented. Those men, former SS, were the founding membership in the NSA, CIA, ATF, DEA, and were brought into the FBI as well…….THIS IS DOCUMENTED FACT. The tactics, subversion, espionage, and covert operations abroad and within national borders performed by these agencies with no accountability reflects directly upon these organizations origins within the Nazi SS.

In the 1938 summit of the Bildeburgers in Germany (many of which were Jesuit or high-ranking Nazi Party members), it was stated that the economic fall of the USSR and the combination of Europe under one government would be needed in order to create a true “New World Order”. It was also said that “economic means” would be needed to control military might. No wonder that those same families now have descendants within the US, European, and Soviet governments, and their corporate representatives make up the membership of the WTO. There remains a fervent nature of individuals within the US and European nations to state that they run their governments through Democratic elections. This is not the case. In fact, the individual families and corporations that were in control prior to WWII, have more power and complete control of global politics and economics today. Those entrenched within the subversive government, those not elected, have been running the US for more than seventy years. The citizenship has slowly been imprisoned by debt and the government is now bought and paid for by corporations, most of which have no interest in the well being of any individual or country. If the plans of the Bildeburgers come to fruition…….”the Union of Europe with India and Turkish economies combined with the bankruptcy of the Soviet state will lead to the economic dependency of the US and the creation of another symbiotic economy controlled from without”(from the records of the Bildeburger summit of 1938).

The US is already at the mercy of those Bildeburgers within the WTO and their corporations just as the nations of Europe and the Soviet Union are. This was written and planned in 1938. No one believed that the USSR could collapse. Yet, the intentional isolation of Soviet states within a globalizing economy did the job as predicted. Even China has fallen into the global line in order to delay the same fate as the USSR suffered through economic sanctions and isolation. No nation can stand alone…..the WTO would cut the nation from the trade treaties and the nation’s economy would collapse.

People around the world have been educated and re-educated to believe the choicest of lies of the day…….good is bad, bad is good…….economically, WE have been manipulated into a self-imposed slavery to the goods that the corporations have legislated into requirements of law. The populations of the world have been lulled slowly into slavery by the convenient packaging, processing, and constant advertising that “modern” living can provide if you are only willing to be a slave to your debts.

This was the plan all along, self-imposed slavery…..willing submission without war or military presence both by individuals and by national governments. Now, the Middle East is under the scope. The US economy will be bankrupted by the continued expenditures to maintain the “war on terrorism” and the Bildeburgers kill two birds with one stone. The US falls the rest of the way into line and they gain control of the OIL……

Don’t be fooled. The US economy has not been solvent in 30 years……national debt for one; However, most American/European corporations have adapted a policy of projecting income ten years ahead. This allows for the same income to be counted (10th year) ten times. The top 50 corporations of the world could not buy back their stock if they sold every “real” asset that the corporation owned. When the stock market was established, this was not allowed. A corporation was considered in loan debt if its stock exceeded it real value and stocks were dispersed for that very reason…..to generate cash flow for the expansion/improvement of a company…..then the excess stocks were to be bought back.

This information is available to different extent from many sources…..I will say that others have been killed in the last year for saying in public the information that I am relating from IAMARMED. W. Cooper was surrounded and assassinated by the local law enforcement in 2001 with absolutely no media coverage or any questions asked. He was assassinated because he had presented irrefutable evidence that the Oklahoma bombing was actually explosives planted inside the building. Many militia organizations have had the same problem as well as “other than normal” religious organizations (Waco). This problem will only get worse with the removal of probable cause and the expanded rights of the government to detain American Citizens or foreign citizens without any recourse. References/Bibliography for IAMARMED include but are not limited to: contacts within Pentagon, national/local media groups, various collegiate professors, Military Intelligence documentation, W. Cooper, various national militia organizations, public library systems in Europe and US, Library of Congress (US), disclosed/declassified Pentagon/intelligence documents Courtesy of IAMARMED (edited for length and approved by IAMARMED