Simpsons Found Not Gulty

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The Simpsons Found Not Guilty by Russian Court

Unexplainable.net has recently published News that a Russian Lawsuit has been filed against the Famous Simpsons TV Show. You can view the original article here https://www.unexplainable.net/artman/publish/article_1827.shtml

We received a followup to this case from MosNews:

A Moscow court has ruled that a complaint by a Muscovite who wanted the world-famous cartoons The Simpsons and Griffins to be banned from Russian TV was baseless.

The cartoons will continue to be broadcast as scheduled and will not be deemed “for adults only”.

Igor Smykov, the plaintiff, first went to court three years ago claiming that the cartoons popularize violence, drugs and homosexuality. He believes that watching The Simpsons made his six-year-old son nervous and naughty and its characters taught him to swear.

He also sought $10,000 in moral damages from the Russian channel REN-TV that broadcasts the cartoons.

Earlier this month Smykov received support from some State Duma deputies. The MPs said that the cartoons were “crammed with violent and aggressive episodes and introduced antagonism between children and parents”.

However, the politicians’ backing failed to help the claimant obtain a favorable verdict.