Submitted Lucid Dream Experience

This morning I woke up at around 5, wide awake. Tambra was watching TV, but soon afterward, turned it off and went to sleep. I laid there for a while, wide awake, and from what I can remember, I very suddenly got sleepy. So sleepy that my eyes were closing and I was unable to keep them open. I vaguely remember thinking it was odd that I got tired so fast, so I fought it. I fought to keep my eyes open. It was such a battle that I got a little frightened and thought I’d try waking Tambra up, but I couldn’t move, which frightened me even more, but I couldn’t do anything. I tried to speak. Nothing. I tried to scream. Nothing. This happened over and over again for a while, I’m not sure how long, but I must’ve actually fallen asleep because at one point, I mentally pried my eyes open and then I fought and fought and fought to lift my arm up and when I did, I could see it and it wasn’t my arm. It was prosthetic, I guess, made of wood, perhaps. Another thing that made me aware of the fact that I was sleeping at one point is that I was in the midst of another mental battle to open my eyes, move my body, talk, scream, anything, but I (maybe we) were upside down in the bed, head at the foot. I could see the room, but in reverse since I was sleeping upside down at this point. This seems unrealistic and more dreamlike (not at the time, but now, looking back in a conscious state of mind), but the beginning seemed very realistic, as if I were truly battling sleep in a conscious state of mind. I truly think I remember being awake and suddenly being struck with the inability to keep my eyes open, within seconds, as if I was being taken from consciousness without my consent, but perhaps I was dreaming the whole time. Even then, it was no less a battle.