Testatika Device: Free Energy Or Not?

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Testatika Device

by David Tiberio

Hello, I want to post my knowledge about magnetic motors and all this stuff about free energy. I’m a student from the technical university of West-Berlin, Germany, and I have spent now about six years, studying all kinds of free energy devices, which were claimed to work (over-unity-operation) from their inventors.

At first we had the claims from Mr. Bruce de Palma, from Montecito, Santa Barbara, California, who claimed, his “N-Machine” would have an efficiency about 140%, but the rotating speed of his device had been still too low and the frictional losses were still too high, so he couldn’t prove the over-unity-operation.

Here in Germany we also have an engineer, who had rebuilt many of de Palmas’ N-Machines and could only get about 105% efficiency. But he did a better measuring practice on his devices.

105% seems to be still a measurement-error, but this German engineer still claims, he had done the measurement very precisely and I know, that he has a very good skill and had spent about 50.000 Dollars for measurement equipment.

He also still believes, that there is still the possibility oà over- unity, but only about in the region of 5 – 10 per cent. He claims, Bruce de Palma had made some measurement errors in his earlier devices, but there is still something mysterious going on there inside the N-Machine. He does not yet know, which parameters could produce a bigger over-unity output.


Let’s move to Mr. Joe Newman, from Lucedale, Mississippi, who claimed about 3 – 5 years ago, that he had invented a new kind of energy machine, which was only some kind of a rough dc-permanent- magnet-motor.

His first machine had a copper coil with about 4500 kilograms of weight and had a big permanent magnet rotating inside this coil.

Additionally he had a mechanical commutator to switch the direction of the current inside the coil fitted to the permanent magnet. He powered this motor from dry-cell batteries and the mysterious effect was, that every time, the mechanical commutator switched, there was a big current spike going back into the batteries.

He and some other engineers claimed, that the energy inside this big current spike was bigger, than the energy fed into the device during the rest of the time.

So what this machine was claimed to be doing, was recharging the batteries and still outputting mechanical energy through the rotation of the magnet.

The only problem was, that the power level of operation was only in the range of 5 – 20 Watts and that there was also a measurement problem, because when the commutator switched the voltage at the coil goes so high. (U = L*di/dt)

Newman wanted to get a patent granted, but he failed and got crazy about it and in the end he disappeared to Mexico with his female secretary.

I visited him in 1987 in Lucedale, Mississippi, where he also showed me his fan-motor, a new approach to bringing his technology to the market place. But with this small kind of his motor, the effect of the current spike was so minimal, that the batteries still discharged.

If there was an over-unity effect with this machine, it only appeared insidethe very big machines of his design, but then this technology would only be available for big power plants and not for a household central power unit.


But forget all of the above technology, because it is too complicated to build :

Now here comes the breakthrough in free energy technology!


The machine is called the Testatika and comes from the Methernitha-group from Linden, Switzerland, Europe.

It runs totally on its own energy and still produces about 3 KWATTs of free energy power !!!

It is some kind of an electrostatical WIMSHURST-Machine and still has some magnetic devices inside its design. So the normally low power WIMSHURST-Output is amplified through this magnetic unit and it maybe taps the everywhere present available background radiation of the vacuum.

Remember: the vacuum is not empty, it is full of energy !!!

I have made a computer an mation of the operation of this unit from digitized pictures of this machine from a videotape Methernitha sells.

If You all want to look at this IBM-compatible demo animation, please download from COMPUSERVE in the GRAPHSUPPORT- forum, download library 9 the file: PERPET.LZH (225 KBYTES).

Please also read the included ASCII-doc-file: energy2.txt, which also has some information about a new kind of heat energy converter, which does a 100% conversion process from heat to mechanical energy by violating the 2nd law of thermodynamics!

(It is not a law, but only concluded from all everyday experience; but there are a few exceptions in nature, which do not respond to this “law”, like for instance hurricanes and tornados, which get their mechanical rotation energy by cooling down the surrounding air and thus also converting heat energy to mechanical output. We have already made some experiments, to prove that this is true.)

Please mail the AFTP-address only publicaly, because I have to pay for UUCP-access. Or You can drop me a mail on COMPUSERVE at 72017,3216 Berlin, Germany, the third of February 1991.

Best regards, Stefan Hartmann

member of the Workshop for Decentral Energy Research e.V.

P.S.: It is preferred to drop me a FAX to: ++ 49 30 344 92 79.

Please do not send any private Email, because we have no time to answer it. Please only send a FAX and leave Your return FAX number!

And here are the facts:

* Testatika is an influence-type Wimshurst machine which runs on it’s own energy, once started by a counterclockwise spin given by revolving it’s 2 disks by hand !!!

* Testatika not only runs on it’ own energy, but produces also a huge amount of excess power, at least 3 KWATTS of power !!!

(That is enough to supply a one person appartment with one machine! A modern home of approximately 1500 Sq feet uses about 10 KWatts of power)

* The machine You see during this demo-animation is only about 70 cm wide, 40 cm deep and about 60 cm tall !

* It delivers DC-Voltage ranging àrom 270 til 320 Volts, only depending on the dryness of the air! At this voltage it can supply at least 10 Amperes of DC-current !

* Testatika is not a perpetuum mobile, but an energy machine that “sucks” it’s huge amount of “FREE” energy from the charged and ionized air particles. But there are still some technological tricks implemented to overcome the normal drag-resistance of a conventional Wimhurst machine, which is still the secret of the Methernitha group !!!

When will this technology be available for everyone ???

The Testatika machines, (there also exists some smaller units which only deliver about 200-300 Watts) are not yet mass-produced models ! These are still laboratory prototype units, although they are built with very good craftmansship !

Also the group Methernitha doesn’t want to put such a revolutionary unit into our materialistic world, where only money still counts!

For to understand their basic living principles, I’ll quote some sentences from a little book called:


Quoted: “Methernitha is a rather large spiritual community. It cannot be compared with a sect or a community with a personal religious opinion. Methernitha is founded “In the Name of God, the Almighty”, and is based on the Eternal Principles of the Holy Scripture.

The word METHERNITHA is composed from various languages and stands as a Symbol for our own history. Each letter has a distinct meaning, which also depends on its position within the word, and thus the name METHERNITHA was formed.

Above all, the name signifies a certain Brotherhood of God, which was founded in the Heavenly Laws. Only he who practices God’s Holy Commandments may learn to understand the fundamentals of Methernitha’s history properly.”

Methernitha’s high aim

Methernitha was founded to allow a life in accordance with God’s ancient Commandments for everyone seeking it. It’s aim is to realize genuine humanity, which is the true sense of life and Aim of the Highest.

The community is formed of congenial people. In their own enterprises they earn the whole financial resources to make a living. In some sense all members are joint-owning partners of this selfsustaining co-operative.

All members have equal rights and duties. Everybody finds his place according to his capabilities and knowledge. Through co-operative work Methernitha provides also material assistance to its members in time of distress, such as illness, old age, and other difficulties.

There is no obligation for contributions. By self-motivation, everyone must be honestly and truly willing to serve and to help and, through sincere work, diligence and conscientiousness contribute all one can to the fruitful realization of the principle:


Alcohol, smokimg and all kinds of worldly amusements are strictly forbidden. Each member must seriously endeavour to really carry out God’s Commandments in his daily life. The possibility to try this way of life with us is open to everyone.

With these explantions we have, in order to allow better understanding, unveiled a few details of Methernitha. Those wanting to learn more about works and knowledge within Methernitha, are invited to get in contact with us. However, for anyone trying this for mere curiosity, Methernitha will remain but an unfathomable mystery and a strange country.


CH-3517 LINDEN,Switzerland

TEL.-Nr.: ++ 41 31 97 11 24


I personally have visited Methernitha and their living principle really works very well. Methernitha is like a big family.

The 2 demo-animations come from a video tape Methernitha sells for 180 Franken. This tape also shows the other little machines running and explains Methernitha’s spiritual aims.

The tape has a running length of about 40 minutes and is really worth looking at it! It is also available in VHS-NTSC and American language.

It also shows Methernitha’s earlier research developments like huge wind generators, charging their big Battery-cell-station.

With the Testatika there is no fraud, hidden batteries or any other hidden energy source. It is really running !!!

They already have the technology of ten years ahead!!!

No more oil, no more pollution, no more atomic waste  roducts, no more hunger in this world!

This is the machine the mankind has dreamed about for centuries. Now it has come true !!!

More information about the Methernitha machine is also available inside the german magazine RAUM & ZEIT, issue Nr.40, 8.Jahrgang from Ehlers Verlag, Daimlerstrasse 5, D-8029 Sauerbach, Germany.

More good news about a NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGY:

The Workshop of Decentral Energy Research e.V., West Berlin, Germany, proudly presents a new circular process, which defies the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and converts heat energy on a 100% level into mechanical work!

That means, that we have found a way to cool down a reservoir of heat a few degrees and to get mechanical work (or electrical energy converted with an electrical generator from the mechanical output) out of it !

That means, it is possible to build a self-running refrigerator or e.g. to build a new boat propelling machine which gets its energy by cooling down the seawater by a few degrees!!!

This invention was made by Bernhard Schaeffer, a Thermodynamics expert, who did’nt want to believe for 25 years that the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is true for all cases in nature.

So he began his own research program which led him to the Austrian inventor and physician Dr. Ing. Rudolf Docezekal, who already had shown in 1940 that such a circular process exists, but his ideas were almost forgotten, if Bernhard Schaeffer had not found them again !!!

The NEW Circular Process which converts heat into 100% mechanical energy uses :

A mixture of Benzol – (C6H6) and water – (H2O) steam is heated at 147 degrees Celsius. If one measures now a pressure versus volume diagram one will get new results showing that the 2 medium steam mixtures behave totally different than the normally examined single medium steam.

So with this circular process using Benzol – and Water-Steam one can get a bigger clockwise rotating area than the counterclockwise area of the pressure versus volume diagramm.

That means, Bernhard Schaeffer has invented a heat-power machine with a “no cold pole”.

In this machine type the heat doesn’t flow from the hot pole to the cold pole like in conventional heat-power motors (like in Stirling machines) but is simply converted to mechanical power output !!!

Because there is no cold pole with this new type of machine you can’t also use the Carnot equation to calculate the efficiency of the circular process. With this Benzol-Water circular process it’s every time 100% !!!

(This might sound a little too technical for some people: If You are not a physics freak and haven’t yet heard about the Laws of Thermo-dynamics then please copy this demo to a friend who studies physics and tell many people about it! It’s time to end the pollution on our planet!)

The Benzol-Water process is currently only working at 147 degrees Celsius. But there are also other steam mixtures available which might work in another temperature range, like 0 to 20 degrees Celsius, which would make it possible to cool down the air on a hot summer day and to build a self-running air-conditioning system which still produces electrical output-power as a byproduct!

What a great future for clean unpolluting energy production !

A working model of the Benzol-Water-steam energy-machine will be built soon, and presented to the public, when the computer aided maximization of the circular process has been completed.

But one thing is clear: Paul Baumann and Bernhard Schaeffer are he coming winners of the Nobel price in Physics next year !

If You want more information about the Testatika then contact Methernitha directly at the above address or phone number. But remember: They are not interested in money or to sell their secret but they are interested in spiritual aims. They alre d have refused millions of dollars for their invention, so You wouldn’t change their views !

If You want more information about the NEW Circular Process from Bernhard Schaeffer which converts Heat onto a 100% conversion process into mechanical energy, then call the :

Werkstatt fuer dezentrale Energieforschung e.V.

Pasewaldtstr. 7

D-1000 Berlin 37


Tel.: ++ 49 30 802 23 02 and ++49 30 801 40 26

If You decide to write to us, please include some international postage stamps, so we can send You some information material back with airmail delivery !!!

A charity donation is welcome, because we get no money from the normal research funds and have to finance our research on our own!!

Please copy it and show it to all people who care about saving our earth and our children from environmental pollution! Thanks a lot!

Berlin, the 20th of January 1991, best regards, Stefan Hartmann, member of Werkstatt fuer dezentrale Energieforschung e.V.

Please se d only FAX-message response and leave Your FAX number to my fax: Stefan Hartmann , FAX: ++ 49 30 344 92 79 (installed from the end of january 1991 on)

P.S.: Don’t send email, we have no time to respond to it, write by “snail mail” please with return postage or by FAX! Thanks.