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Beginning in January 2004, Book of THoTH ( The Book Of THoTH ) continues to gain members, now over 2,300, more and more people are reading and joining in the forums. The site now has more than six million page views, along with new exclusive stories and features, and continues to expand and develop each day.

An interesting new feature of the site is the built-in dictionary and thesaurus. By double-clicking any word on the site, the reader will be able to view the definition and synonyms for the word. Another new, user-friendly feature in the Forums section allows the reader to view the beginning of any thread by simply holding the mouse cursor over the thread title.

The new Featured Authors section, as described by webmaster THoTH, is “for authors to introduce themselves, perhaps give some background, or information on their existing or new works,” as well as to facilitate discourse between authors and members. The intention is that hopefully this will be a “mutual learning area,” helping to encourage new ideas and avenues for exploration, as well as being a place to have some fun

Recently, freelance writer, and Book of THoTH member Ann Barnet, wrote an insightful review of the book The Hunt for the Skinwalker. Written by award-winning Las Vegas journalist/UFOlogist George Knapp and Dr. Colm Kelleher, former head scientific researcher for the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), this book documents the frightfully true events spanning over fifty years on a 400+ acre farm in Northeast Utah. Ms. Barnet’s review tantalizes the reader by discussing many of the diverse paranormal occurrences there, as she describes “Bigfoot, UFOs, invisible entities, giant wolves, animal mutilations ”“ this case has it all.” As one of the most read stories on Book of THoTH, with over 3,000 reads in less than one month, this is certainly proven to be one of the most fascinating paranormal cases described on the internet.

Find the article here: The Hunt For the Skinwalker

Philip Gardiner is another renowned author who is also a member at Book of THoTH. Previously described as the Indiana Jones of Great Britain, Mr. Gardiner’s latest works have been The Serpent Grail, and Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed. In an article on Book of THoTH, he tells of his fascinating journeys around the world in quest of the truth to share with his readers.

Philip Gardiner’s article can be found here: Philip Gardiner details of His forthcoming Forbidden Knowledge Conference UK

Mr. Gardiner is also highlighted in the two latest podcasts which can be found at Book of THoTH. These podcasts, yet another new development on the site, can be played from the site, as well as downloaded. Hosted by member and site administrator, WeepingMoon, the short audio programs draw attention to some of the recent and fascinating discussions on Book of THoTH, as well as invite featured authors to speak about their work and thoughts.

All of the podcasts can be downloaded from: Download The Book Of THoTH / Philip Gardiner Podcasts

They can also be listened to directly from the site here: Podcasts and Other Paranormal Audio

“The Tree Mother and Her UFO?,” is a recent thought-provoking article written by THoTH. He points to a variety of sources and pairs this with insightful analysis, and suggests that UFO sightings and alien abductions have been a constant, permeating several centuries. This article can be found at The Tree Mother and Her UFO

One of the most exciting stories to hit Book of THoTH was submitted by an anonymous source, titled “Serpo, Wingmakers and Richard Doty.” This exclusive is a thorough elucidation of the Project Serpo story, connecting events and accounts which were previously considered unrelated. The story, based upon an alleged meeting between aliens and government officials, has recently grown to epic proportions, despite the controversy surrounding the validity of each of the claims. Read the provocative article, and debate the controversy at: Serpo, Wingmakers and Richard Doty

With all the exciting discussions and developments found at Book of THoTH, you certainly don’t want to miss out! Check out The Book Of THoTH to get involved in the most fascinating and up-to-date paranormal discussions on the internet!