The Day After Tomorrow and The Caribbean Floods

The Day After Tomorrow and The Caribbean Floods

The New Soon To Be hit Movie �The day after Tomorrow� is due to show in theatres tomorrow, May 28th 2004.  The movie, produced by the same writer as Independence Day, depicts a drastic climate change on Earth.  It is said to be a top-notch movie that carries a lot of factual eye-opening information.  Surely this will arise public awareness on pollution and other climate effects.

The Ironic Part is, the very same week of it�s Grand Opening, A Major storm and floods hit Haiti and the Caribbean Claiming over 1900 Lives!   This hasn�t been the only incident in recent days that is unexplainable.  In the last months, we also had the first Hurricane ever recorded on the Coast of Brazil. 

Some Scientists believe the Earth and its conditions are already undergoing major change.  It is also believed that fresh water is being released into the oceans from Glacier runoff.  When fresh water is introduced into the Gulf Stream, The Salty water will sink under the fresh water and will disrupt and block the stream from sending warm water to the Northern hemisphere.

It is estimated that over 1/3 of global warming is caused by negligence in human actions.  Humans are responsible for emitting billions of pounds of carbon bi-products from automobile emissions, heating systems, coal burning, energy production, and more.  We rely on burning un-disturbed natural gasses and carbon collections and releasing the toxins into the atmosphere.  All these toxins result in greater heat buildup on Earth�s surface.

I�m looking forward to seeing the movie tomorrow (opening day).  I will be sure to leave an update on my movie critique.