The Suns Brightness Bruning More Skin Than Ever

Leg Skin Peeling like butterAs a preliminary statement, Perhaps the Suns effect on human skin has worsened in the last few years. Although the sun affects different skin tones and textures in different ways, This may be a natural element which can affect all humanity in time.

Some possibilities of this could be depletion of the ozone layer, or an increase of green house gases causing intensified radiant heat from our sun “SOL”. If this senerio is indeed happening, we can expect to see alot more skin deformations, severe burns, and cancer in years to come.

As this possible problem progresses, new rules of life may be enforced. If this activity increases to an untolerable level, Humanity might possibly have to move underground.

In only a few hours from direct skin exposure to the sun, The poor victims skin peels off like butter on a hot knife.  But I suppose this effect will differ with different skin tones.

Perhaps we should keep better records of radiation emissions from the sun, and work on preventive ways to keep Humanity away from possible health damaging rays.