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                                    -MARCH 1990

       For Openers—

                           You’ve Heard From BIG BROTHER

                    Now For Equal Time With  B I G  M O T H E R

       First, apologies for being late.  THE OSTRICH had been laid low with
       a most vicious  flu  bug  which  refuses  to  vacate.  We operate on
       reduced cylinders.

       Next, but not less, many, many thanks  for your contributions to the
       =Justice Symposium=.  I  wish  I could write individual  letters  to
       thank you all, but alas, as age continues to decelerate production,
       I gave up writing letters some time ago, thus, I admit, evading
       the decision as  to  which  to try to find time to answer when there
¼     just is not time at all.  Not enough  hours  in the day.  This in no
       way means I don’t appreciate your letters.  Indeed  I do, and I hope
       you will keep them coming.

       =Franklin Sanders= is  very  much  younger  than  I,  but  still, at
       present, a most overburdened young  man.   He  writes: “Please thank
       for me those  kind OSTRICH readers who sent donations  to  us.   For
       some strange reason, many included no return address.”

       These, of course,  were  gifts  known  to God, who will reward them.
       But known and unknown, I do thank you all.  Franklin continues:

                                      Page 1

       “Pondering your readers’  generosity to us, I am ashamed that I have
       not done more for fellow sufferers  in  the  past.   One  tactic the
       Police State depends  on is isolating dissidents from  all  support.
       It usually works.”

       In another thrust  of  the  isolation  tactic.  Franklin writes that
       “the government prosecutrix has filled  a  motion  to disqualify out
       attorney, =Larry Becraft=,  for  ‘conflict of interest’  and  filing
       ‘frivolous’ motions in other federal courts.

       In Newspeak ‘frivolous’  doesn’t  mean  ‘without  legal support’ but
       ‘unanswerable by the government.’  Exactly.  Franklin sent us a copy
       of Becraft’s exquisitely  crafted  motion  to dismiss  the  nonsense
       against Sanders and their fellow church members, a 14 page gem.

       Perhaps if you  sent  a  legal-size  self-addressed envelope with 45
       cents postage and AT LEAST $15 for copying, etc., Franklin could get
       you a copy.  It’s well worth it and he is worth the extra help.  BOX
       341753, MEMPHIS TN  38184.

       It is perhaps in part this tactic  of isolation which is responsible
       for the lack  of  leadership  and  organization of those  dissidents
       struggling for freedom   in   East  Europe.   Although  short  range
       prospects seem bleak,  I  retain   long-range   hope.  =The  Elitist
       Syndicate’s= march toward tyranny of a =Corporate Socialist  Welfare
       State=, global in dimensions, moves swiftly.

       In January, an  official  West  German  weekly headlined its leading
       article: “Bonn, Rome, & Paris call for CSCE Summit.”

       =Don Bell= cautions us to keep an  eye  on  CSCE–The  Conference on
       Security and Cooperation  in  Europe,  a 35 nation  group  including
       members from all  Europe,  East and West.  According to Bell, “it is
       the embryonic organization which the  =Elitists= plan to use to form
       a European political union.”

       If they succeed  in forming that union, the United  States  will  be
       next to fall  prey  to  their  =One-World  New Order=, the “kindler,
       gentler” corporate “Socialism with  a  human  face.”   But  as =Eric
       Butler= warns, and we agree, “The essence of any form of Socialism
       is centralization of power and inevitable corruption.

       All forms of centralization, irrespective of how they  are labelled,
       are a deadly  threat  to the individual.  Contrary to a belief which
       has been carefully  fostered  in both  West  and  East,  large-scale
       centralized economic planning  is  not  the  most efficient  way  to
       produce what the individual genuinely wants.”

       It is these United States which in the past demonstrated the best
       way yet tried in history to achieve the most widespread freedom,
       justice and prosperity.  An ideal never fully achieved, granted,
       but a goal  which  inspired  oppressed  people  for  two  centuries,
       including those no  in  Eastern Europe  who  have  revolted  against
       centralization and its inevitable corruption.

       We are at a crucial moment in history when we have  the opportunity,
       and, because we  Americans  have  been  the  inspiration,  the heavy
       responsibility to put ourselves back on course to that ideal goal.

                                      Page 2

       To avert a  new  dark  ages, we urgently need to find the leadership
       and organization for our own non-violent “velvet” revolution against
       the centralization and corruption which oppresses us.

       Our own submission and apathy is far  more dangerous to mankind than
       the continuing military build-up of a disintegrating Soviet Union.

       We must clean out our own stables, keep our powder  dry, and give NO
       AID to the  greedy  and  power-mad  connivances  of  the  =New World

                            SECRET CONCENTRATION CAMPS

       The September issue of THE OSTRICH  reprinted  a  story from the CBA
       BULLETIN which listed the following principal civilian concentration
       camps established in GULAG USA under the =Rex ’84= program:

            Ft.  Chaffee, Arkansas         Ft. Drum, New York
            Ft. Indian  Gap,  Pennsylvania    Camp  A.  P.  Hill,  Virginia
            Oakdale, California             Eglin  Air  Force Base, Florida
            Vendenberg AFB, California     Ft. Mc Coy, Wisconsin
            Ft. Benning, Georgia           Ft. Huachuca, Arizona and
            Camp Krome, Florida.

       The February OSTRICH printed a map  of the expanding Gulag.  Alhough
       this listing and map stirred considerable interest,  the  report was
       not new.

       For at least  20  years, knowledgeable Patriots have been warning of
       these sinister plots to incarcerate dissidents opposing plans of the
       =Elitist Syndicate= for a totalitarian =New World Order=.

       Indeed, the plot was recognized with  the  insidious encroachment of
       “regionalism” back in the 1960’s.  As early as 1968,  the  “greatest
       land steal in history” leading to global corporate socialism, was in
       a =”Master Land  Plan”=  for the United States by =Executive Orders=
       involving water resource regions,  population  movement and control,
       pollution control, zoning and land use, navigation and environmental
       bills, etc.

       Indeed, the real  undercover  aim  of  the so-called  “Environmental
       Rennaissance” has been the abolition of private property.

       All prelude to  the  total grab of the =World Conservation Bank=, as
       THE OSTRICH has been reporting.  The  map  on this page and the list
       of executive orders available for imposition of an  “emergency”  are
       from 1970s files of the late Gen. =P. A. Del Valle’s= ALERT, sent us
       by =Merritt Newby=, editor of the now defunct AMERICAN CHALLENGE.

       =Wake up Americans!=   The  Bushoviks  have  approved  =Gorbachev’s=
       imposition of “Emergency” to suppress unrest.  =Henry Kissinger= and
       his clients hardly missed a day’s  profits  in  their deals with the
       butchers of Tiananmen Sqaure.

                                   Are you next?

                                      Page 3

                            APPLICABLE EXECUTIVE ORDERS

       The following =Executive   Orders=,  now  recorded  in  the  Federal
       Register, and therefore accepted by Congress as the law of the land,
       can be put into effect at any time an emergency is declared:

        10995 — All communications media seized by the Federal Government.

        10997 — Seizure of all electrical power, fuels, including gasoline
                 and minerals.

        10998 — Seizure of all food resources, farms and farm equipment.

        10999 —  Seizure of all kinds of  transportation,  including  your
                 personal car, and control of all highways and seaports.

        11000 —   Seizure  of  all  civilians  for  work   under   Federal

        11001 — Federal takeover of all health, education and welfare.

        11002 — Postmaster General empowered to register every man, woman
                 and child in the U.S.A.

        11003 —  Seizure  of  all  aircraft  and  airports  by the Federal

        11004 — Housing and Finance authority may shift population from
                 one locality to another.  Complete integration.

        11005 —  Seizure  of  railroads,  inland  waterways,  and  storage

        11051 —   The  Director  of  the  Office  of  Emergency   Planning
                 authorized to  put  Executive Orders into effect in “times
                 of increased international  tension  or financial crisis”.
                 He is  also  to perform such additional functions  as  the
                 President may direct.


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