Thermodynamics in an Alternative Universe

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Astro MetaPhysics and Thermodynamics in an Alternative Universe 1

by Mickey G


This is the most Fed up pieces of literature I have ever come across. It was written by the older brother of an associate of mine during his final year of high school. I remember him as being one of the most boring, timid and above all, normal people I’ve ever met (like his brother… boring, BORING family, that one…). Nearly every night that year, he would sit at his computer and write, sometimes for several hours at a time. This is the first part of his Great Work, a 100 000 word (EXACTLY, including title) epic, without punctuation, plot or much regard for the English language. The author refuses to turn the rest of it over to me.

May this be a warning to those of us who underestimate our excitement-impared bretheren… if this is an indication of what really goes on inside their minds, we’d better watch out, lest we all wind up stuffed into the glove box of a car…

Remember, this is approximately 16% of the full tome.

Astro MetaPhysics and Thermodynamics in an Alternative Universe

This is nothing in particular except a book about what ever which will be mainly written by myself I hope unless someone else adds to it which could be fun as it would be hard to do this my name is michael and at the moment I am seventeen years old and just writing this as it seams like a good idea I live in brisbane in australia and go to churchie which is an all boys school where I do afew subjects which are good the theory of the universe and other important details similar are brought up in class quite a lot with jarrad the brains behind it with good imput from ben and the two jooshes as well as help from other people in other subjects like david crowe who is now one of only a few people that know of simon street who has only been seen on a few occasions which is good but he is seen more frequently as time passes and thing change which can be good if you want to and are ready for it but if you are not then you do not really know do you so you may have to take chances which can be good but can also be very risky so you have to think about doing something or not which can be a hard think to do as people always seem to be watching and analysing so things have to be taken in perspective such as how words are spelt like seam who belive wether because which I now like which brings about know and now and leads onto knife which brought leds or leeds which could lead or leed all the way back to england or al or any other country which has enything or some thing to do with things which is all or al so confusing but I which is always a capital or capitol is just something or some thing which is always or allways different which is a very strange word indeed which could have been or being in dead or indead or plain or plane inded so now lets get back to where or were we were or where heading which should relate to the title of this book but I do not think it will as this topic seams very hard to comprehend so that is why I am going to need help on some of these things so I will go back to school until I get help from school which will have to wait for another day so back to school which is something which it seams is so hard to get to which is confusing as I spend so much time their or there which are other strange words so it should realy which I am going to leave be able to be able to talk about as it is a place that is changing a lot both for me and as a whole but I am leaving soon so it does not really matter that much except my brother still goes there so I may be tied to it which would be annoying as being tied to a school for so many years as a student is bad enough but having to be an old boy would be very annoying so I am not going to be an old boy as the people who become old boys in the most are people that I do not have much to do with but I should not have to worry as they would be people who would not be reading this unless they knew this was in here but for them to find out about this being in here they would need friends who would read this which I doubt they would have so I can skip and go past them as they are not that important in my life know or later or latter I hope so lets try and get back to school again which just seams so elusive which is a fairly hard word to say or write and try to get back to school which is hard as as you think about your mind it just wonders to the thing that can be related to something that you may be writing which is so confusing or confussing with righting as as soon as you think of writing something so many other ideas come into your head like I am looking at the keyboard or the door has just slammed or I was just going to write about people talking except I thought of something else which I have know forgotten which is something which is annoying when you think of something that in your head is so extremely good which is another one or won of those words but when you come back to it or think back to it it has gone and however hard you try to get it back it just wont which is not the word I am looking for but I cant think of how you spell wount which is not the correct spelling so I will leave it at that and go on to what I was talking about before which I have know forgotten so I have to go back to a new thing which could be school but I really do not know as my mind has already wondered to something else which I have forgotten as I have being writing which is such an annoying thing which is sort of like a and an as they just get on your nerves which could lead to the brain and the nerves there which are needed to do anything as the more you have the smarter you can may be but that is not always the case as anything can happen like you are walking along minding your own business which should really be busness when something can hit you in the head and give you brain damage which if it was severe enough would not be to bad for you but would wreck the lives of those around you which is similar if you died such as a million tones or tonnes of bricks falling on you and squishing you to nothing before the neurones in your brain can tell you anything so you are dead and thats that and you do not care but people around who might so it is not always that smart to die if you like people who are close to you but if you had no one and no one knew you it would not seam to bad would it but still I cant get to a topic which I have being trying to do and now it has been so long since I last thought about something I will have to start thinking again so I might start to talk about what has happened which is not much looking back at a day but just a few hours seams more important which seams silly as something that has happened just recently has happened in the last day but it seams so separate that I think of it as a separate thing which shows how the brain can be a very strange thing which is really like people as at different times they can appear so different such as people who do one thing and do something else which appears to have come from a separate person and is it to strange to ask if it has maybe come from a different person but just appears to be the same person which may be the case just that no one at the moment thinks like that so it may be perceived or persived as being a strange thing to do but why is anything strange as what is normal may be viewed as strange to others which looking at any culture shows some things that are taken for granted or accepted in some while in other ones are unheard of or criminal so who says what is strange really so we should really just think whatever we think is what we want which could be acceptable should be acceptible if it does not endanger other or just ones self if anyone at all which is fair enough if people are of the right age which is another strange thing as in different cultures different ages are seen as mature while it is seen as not mature in other cultures at the same age and it is different for different things so now I am going to talk about a run I had just now which is meant to be the biggest run of my life and it was good going the best I could have hoped for and beating lots of people that I do not usually beat which shows how weird the world is with people being able to do strange things like if you have bad eye sight you may be able to see one or two things that you should not be able to see like on a piece of paper surrounded by other pieces of paper that you cant see you may see something like a black boarder surrounding a yellow circle which feels very strange and also appears strange so it all can just occur for no reason except that they may make you feel good or bad or what ever you feel like but there are lots of other things that happen that we can talk about and a good way to do this is write what comes into your head and put it on paper which is fairly hard to do as who can start of and you may be thinking of school then you think at school I do maths and then that I do two math subjects then that math c is one of the best subjects then that you do other subjects and have good teachers and then that there were other teachers who taught you and then you think back to other schools you went to and you remember some moments which stand out then you may think of a colour or word or go to your early child hood but anything can really happen so you may be thinking of a nice blue and then that green is made by yellow and blue and that yellow and orange are fairly similar and then that oranges are not as good as apples then that peaches and nectarines taste better than apples then that the soft juicy fruits are all really nice and melt in your mouth then you think of summer and the things you do in summer then you think the opposite to summer is winter so now we are in winter and it comes back to now as it is winter know but luckily not the coldest so you think of the in between months which are nice months that are not to hot and not to cold then you think of a shower with hot and cold water and then a bath then a swimming pool and you could go back to summer or to swimming you have done or seen or a person that is a good swimmer then if you know them what else they do and the classes you are with them in then other people you are in classes with then back to the teachers you have then what you do in those classes then other classes again then maybe think what other schools would be like then the uniforms other schools wear then other obs that have uniforms but then your mind may go blank and come up with totally new things which are very out of place and you just do not know how to put them on paper so your mind tries to shut down so you think slower and it is easier to write it is just that nothing knew really comes so you think what you can write then you think what am I writing and your head starts to work better then you remember what the book is for which I cant do as the book is not about anything so you just keep writing then you may start to listen and here nothing so write about music which can sound different then different types of music and how to spell a word like type then what music I play and what groups I am in and then school then sleeping then eating then having a headache then sleeping again then computer games then just computers then a splitting headache again which has zapped your brain so you think of a friend and maybe his sister then what you do when you are with your friend and giving him lifts to school and his family and his house and his dog and him getting a job and excepted for a course next year then thinking how I am doing lots of things and the art I am doing and school were I do the art so when you start the story I cant get back to school but know I cant stay away which I do not understand than know I have just heard a gate slam then a door and have this headache which is slowly throbbing which is annoying then I think of running tomorrow and the running I did yesterday and how tired I am and how different different people are which is good and how trees are all so different and how some trees appear better than others but if you look at one that is very similar but not exactly the same it may not look as good which is like people but it really is pretty stupid as if you like some one or something and you think about it a lot then they always are worse hen you see it or see them again which also works in reverse if you think something is bad then when you se it again it is always better which is like a movie and if someone tells you how good it is it seams wore and if they say how bad then it is better so know I am going to tell you how there word ment and meant are more words that are confusing which is annoying so lets continue and you may think of movies you have seen on video or at the movies then you remember the last few you saw and it always comes back to school but if you really wanted what ever you wanted it could come back to something so next time I speak to someone and I remember to remember it I will try and relate it to the word frog and then again with brick which may be fairly hard but I say it could be done as there are some things which are related to so many things so when you think back your mind just skips and skips to different and other different spots and your mind just wonders which may bring you to some bad times but also some good times and then bring you to something which is all together irrelevant which is fun to do as there really does not have to be relevance to everything you think or do as most people want which I have learnt recently as if you ask some people to do something but you do not tell them why then they are usually unwilling to do it which is annoying as even people you think would do not always and some people you think would not do not but one or two do which brings me to how at school we are taught that you have to eat everyone else and that everyone is your competition so you are meant to have the mentality that winning is the best thing and forget about the people you beat as they are irrelevant but why is this as in a race there is only one winner and they feel so superior even if other competitors try there hardest and get a really good result and then they true to comfort others who did not win or go as well as they could which is really better than winning as it is better to help and be helpful than to win and think you are to good for others which is exactly what the school and society teaches us which is really the wrong thing so some how this has to be changed as it is stupid for friends to wish others the worst in tests just so you will go better which the reverse is shown in our maths c class where there are three really smart people four average and one just below which is alright as the four average all try to help the below average one or sometimes two of the smart ones help the below one but when things count the four average and at most one smart try to help the below as much as possible which is good but it still shows that there are the winners who do not care about others just how well they go which is shown so often and is so annoying that you just want them to be able to see what the others have to deal with their superiority and to maybe experience what it is like to help someone so now lets talk about something else which is nicer like art as art is so fun to do as you can do anything you want and make whatever you are thinking which is really quite fun which a lot of people cant see which is sad as what could be funner that thinking in your mind something then being able to draw or construct it into whatever you want and if you are lucky it comes out as well or better than you had hoped so now lets write about chess which is such a complex yet simple game in which all that you have to really do is take the oppositions pieces using the few rules that are set down but it is also one of the most complex games as you have sixteen pieces that you need to know what they will do for a few moves to come plus anticipate another sixteen opposition pieces which are trying to do the same which is a lot of strain to do well so we will leave it at that as a game that is this hard is only really for people that are extremely bright so I will go to something else as I have not mastered the game of chess quite yet so les go to golf which is really not a game as when you play you can either stress about getting the ball in the hole in the least shots or you can just hit the ball as hard as you can which gets rid of all your stress and if you do not care how many shots you take it makes it so much more enjoyable which is like running a long race as you can either try and win and get stressed and depressed if you do not win or you can just run for the fun of it and also to keep fit and when you finish who know you have done something that you like so that is why I run plus if you are not trying completely to exhaustion you can have a lot of spare time to think about things which can make the run quite enjoyable as if you are all by yourself you can run for ages without seeing anyone so it seams you have all the time in the world which can be quite pleasant so for people that do not run it is quite an enjoyable past time that you may consider to take up as it gets rid of stress plus you get a sense of achievement plus it can be fun so lets go to horse riding which I do not really like so I will leave it at that and go to music which is a very big topic that can be covered if you think about it as it is many different ways in which a few different sounds are put together with words sometimes attached which can be most enjoyable to some people but not to others which is another strange thing about people and society as it shows how everyone is different but if enough people enjoy one sort of music then all other types are seen as not normal and people who listen to the other types which is sad as there are so many different types but really they are all just music and should be seen as all equal so people should really never judge others as what they are judging them on is only a limited number of societies opinions which is so true for so many things which is so strange so lets go to lego which is really quite ingenious and a bit like chess as you can do so many different things to make so many different shapes and objects and the way they join up is like life as some cant join even if they are the same colour but objects that are different shapes and appear totally different can sometimes join up which is just like people as some people who appear very similar cant stand being near one another while others who appear to be complete opposites can be attracted to one another but one thing that is annoying is how should people show feelings towards other people as it is so hard to do and is not really taught to you especially in some places where it seams that everything is against you and you do not know what to do so you can either do something that can make you look like a fool or you can do nothing and as the second option involves that you do not look like a fool it seams a smarter option to follow but it is annoying as so many people that it would be nice to get know better pass by you everyday and you usually only get one chance and every other chance is such a bonus but usually not taken which is a shame as it is not fun to be seen to stuck in a ever continuing circle of nothing which is not fun so now lets talk about something else which is better than horse riding which may be eating as eating can give you a wide variety of things as there is breakfast morning tea lunch afternoon tea dinner desert plus there could be a brunch or a snack and at each meal there could be a whole multitude of things that you can eat like yoghurt jelly beans carrots soups pizza mustard apple pie sausages ice cream hot dogs and many other things that may not be as nice like strong curries brussel sproutts cabbage corn silverside plus other things if the cook is not that good but food is important so it does not really matter if it is good or bad as you need it or you would not be able to read this or do many things so it is fairly important to eat food and drink but not to much or your bladder feels like blowing up which happens a lot when you run which is not fun as you cant run fast and every step makes it feel so much worse and there are other things which are bad like having shin splints which is when your shin or lower leg feels like some one has hit it with a hockey stick and it has splintered which is painful but I hope not serious as it always occurs and is very annoying as it flares up when to much pressure is applied to the leg but sometimes it does not and you can never tell when it will happen which is annoying as you could just go on a little stroll and your leg feels like it has exploded so lets talk about communism which does not seam to be a bad idea at all as the world would be better off if everyone was equal which would be good but to achieve true communism of perfect equality is in effect impossible as the normal person appears incapable of being able to be the equal of everyone so there would be people that would want to lead places which would see themselves as more important and expect to be treated as such and thus this would lead to a system in which a group of people are better than another group so making it more capitalist which is not the best method as for it to be made that if you want to go well others have to be worse off this is really saying that you should believe that you are more important than other people which is not good so lets talk about incidences that occur that change what you do which happens a lot like being in a car crash so not driving again or getting in trouble for something so not doing that again which in some cases can be good but in most cases it limits a lot what you can do and is really being to over protective as the risks are always smaller than you think after something than before so this is getting confusing so lets talk about how the universe was formed which I believe was when another universe much greater in size then our own universe had a black hole form in it which was the big bang for us as the more energy and matter the black hole sucked in the larger our own universe became which can explain why the universe is still expanding and expanding faster as if it was just an explosion it would be slowing down but it is not so there has to be another explanation and the idea tat the extra energy gained is pushing it out further and faster can explain it which can also give rise to that there are many universes as our own universe has many black holes which would produce many other universes so it can be assumed that the universe we came from would have had more than one black hole so we can assume it was much larger than our current universe and we could also assume that it was also formed in the same way which would make it possible for universes to be many times larger than our own but the only problem is that if this occurred forever universes would only diminish in size forever until there would be an infinite number of universes of infinitesimally small sizes so lets put forward the idea that two black holes if formed in similar areas of apparent space and time could join to combine to form a universe who was a product of more than one other universe which could lead to universes becoming larger than a donor or previous universe but as the universes are all joined by the black holes then if you travelled through one you could get to a universe that had being formed by getting matter from your universe so you could travel to younger universes but not older ones unless you went to a universe that had being formed by the merger of two black holes at the same time in space and time and thus you could maybe find a way to travel to the other donor universe as the effect of two black holes forming a universe would give it two entrances which if combined could maybe lead to a new universe one that was not a donor so lets talk about art which is so fun as it does not have the word donor which should really be donar as you can do anything and you can make things without thinking about it consciously which is quite extraordinary as it is like breathing as you can get a piece of clay and mould it and you can either go and make something you had thought about which is never as fun or just make whatever came into your head as you mould it which is bye far the best way as you can make some really nice things and see parts of you you had not really seen before which is good as to see yourself for what you really are is very hard as perceptions other people get of you usually are wrong or not completely accurate so it is good to find a way to express yourself in a way which is both fun and enjoyable so now if you are reading this and it is night look out the window and count the stars and if you can count them all count them again and if you get a number that is fairly similar to the original number you are in a place where the lights in the city are to bright or who are in a place where the buildings are to high so it would really be better if the world in some respects was not so advanced so lets go to canada which is a very nice place if you are there in summer and it is not raining as it is similar to a mild brisbane day but so much better but you have to see it and experience it for yourself so think about why a keyboard is made the way it is as the keys are in the strangest place for example the n and m appear to be in the wrong order the o and p are in the right so is k and l and the I and j are very close by which is jutting on to the f g h which is probably the best run but it is funny how on the right side the letters of f g h I j k l m n o p are all over there with no other letters in the way and apart for the use in some words they are fairly useless but nearly get a whole hand to type them by themselves while the main letters like a s e r t are all so close by but which is a word I just put in to see where the t is are nowhere near each other in the alphabet bit look at it and it spells asert which is not really a word but should be one is strange as the only other word that is not really word is qwerty but if you look at the real alphabet the only word is no or on if you go in reverse but looking at asert there are r s t which are consecutive but are not next to each either which are then all surrounded by the weird letters of q w z x c v b with only the b which is really to far away being hit by the right had but these are all the stupid useless letters which when you look now shows that the key board is fairly smart as each hand although the right gets more exercise which is good if you are right handed but really both hand would hit about the same number of keys as the a s e r t and q w z x c v would be nearly equivalent to the I o p j k l n m if you do it enough plus there are the ones like y g f h b which are so in no mans land and a goo invention would be a keyboard where you have to move less but that is getting a but perdantic which is a stupid word which I cant spell so on to something else which at the moment I cant think about so I will type away which has led me but now lost to the nepal mountains as they are easy to get lost in if you were dropped in a crevasse but otherwise there are usually lots of people around in most areas as having twenty million or so people in such a small area only leaves a tiny amount of space that can go without people so it is hard to get lost there but it is nice like france and paris and to a lesser extent england as the mountains are just so big and everything is so different which is good to experience but lets go to paris which is really just as spectacular as canada but as I went to canada first it is seen as always being the best unless something very remarkable else appears as the unites states was really just as you would expect even in nervada and washington and other states but it seams very desolate which compared to australia was boring but places like canada and paris were the two extremes which were so spectacular and the only other major change could be a more tropical place but as I live in australia I can pass on this so to colour which really is the biggest possible topic to cover so I will leave it for a while as it seam just to good to put in know which is not saying the book now is bad but that colour just seams so special and as the number twenty seven is so good I will leave it to that page until I write about it so onto something else which can be understanding as it is something that everyone needs to do but to do it is very hard if you want to understand someone to the extent they want as they do not always know to what extent they want others to know about them so it is sometimes up to the person trying to interpret the person to try and work out to what degree the person should be helped to as they cant always know which is annoying as it is for many things when you just do not know how to express something that you want to but may be fearful of the consequences or not know what you are really wanting to find out but finding out something would be good so meating which should really be meeting as meating a person is really not that nice so meeting new people is something else that is strange and something that should be talked about but sometimes you just do not seam to know how it could be worked out so as said earlier I hope there are so many people that pass you by without you meeting them plus there is also the thing that the person gets the wrong impression of you on the first few times you meet and from then in you do not know how to communicate with them or what to do so lets talk about animals as discussions are food but very hard to grasp everything in so talking about animals gives you time to work out thing and decide how to follow on with something so animals are very interesting as there is such a wide range of them in so many various places all around the world that it is really quite unconceivable as for every person on earth there would probably be a different kind of animal nut most likely a number of animals for each person as they are really everywhere and we can never work out how smart they are or what they think as we find it hard enough to work out what other people think so why is it that people seam to not trust people if they ask for information that at the time seams irrelevant which it may be or may be just something that is very important and just cant be told which is sad and annoying as it does not allow people to understand others or give them the chance to show something that may be very special but luckily there are a few people that sometimes allow things like this to occur but not always and if they are not satisfied which is not always possible in the time they want they do not seam to trust you as much even though for you to ask them something like that means you feel that you are close to them and respect them so onto history which as someone once told me which I have now forgot but was something like the study of histories history is more important which is true as to understand how and why things happened and the reasons behind them are very important and must be looked at to further any field so history is important so leats go to maths as it to is important and just as fun but to some not necessary but really it is as it can give a wide range of knowledge which is very important so back to something knew which is the opposite sex to who ever who are as they always are just so different and people that you know who are of that line always have different roles and are so hard to comprehend and ones that are important in your life vary on how you were brought up and where and when in time you lived as you may be dependant on one or more or some might be dependant on you but you can never be certain but any way it is important to look at who is in your life or who has been in your life and how they have influenced you in different ways and then there are people you fall in love with or fall in lust with or just come to respect and enjoy being around and enjoy their company and so when they feel bad you feel bad and things like that and it is good to have a person or so who is like that with you but it is most likely to be someone of the opposite sex as it is very hard to get close to someone that is of the same sex in most cases especially if you are a boy as it is seen by society which really should not be followed that a boy being very friendly with other boys is a very bad thing while it is not as unaccepted as girls being able to be close to girls or this is the opinion that people perceive so why is it that people should really only be accepted if they do as society want s for things especially for who you go out with as why would it be so bad to go out with someone who was three years younger than yourself when you are seventeen or to go out with someone that could be ten years older at the same age as they may be very close and the relationships could be such that they were still legal even though as previously stated what is legal is also one of societies pre conceptions of what is right which is true for lots of things but enough on showing the wrongs of humanity at present and lets try and look at past events tat may be of major importance such as any battle or disease or wing flap of a bird or one of an infinite number of things as if any of these events had not occurred in the exact same order many people may not be around currently so really anything that has happened cant be frowned on as these events have some how led to our survival but the extinction of so many others who may have being born such as a war that may have killed millions of people but this has led o the chance for other people to have children to take the place of these people who in turn may have to work harder to cover a shortage of jobs which will lead to advances in knowledge maybe being slowed down which could attribute to weapons not being upgraded as fast and thus the course of another war may be different to if a previous war had not occurred or occurred so we can really just be lucky that if we are happy know even if we have many bad times it may be better than what could so easily have happened so we can go onto something else and not have to worry that we are here or not as it is really only by chance so what ever we do will be good for some people but not for others so we should just live as we do and see the past to thank it for letting us be here in time and that humanity may continue with the minimal number of wars that can slow down the time until humanity will ultimately destroy itself at the expense of all those before them and all that were going to be following so why is the sky blue which can be answered by the fact that the wavelengths of light that reflect of particles in the sky are of the length of blue in most cases which explains why at sunset when it has to travel through more sky the wavelengths that get through are of different lengths and are isolated in the same fashion that light reflexes through water to form a rainbow it is just that the sky has a different refractive index so thus needs a much larger portion to achieve similar colours which I hope is correct but onto something else which may be travel as anything else as it is something that is important as without travel nothing could happen as travel could be defined as the movement from one point in space and time to a different point in space or time which would mean we were always travelling as time always changes but a simpler concept would be to describe travel as movement from a set point to another point which can be achieved in so many different ways using different techniques like using your legs which could be to crawl walk jog run sprint or many other ways then it can progress to a bicycle in order of time taken to complete a set distance then maybe a car then a plane then a rocket but on the way we pass things like a boat or soundwaves but never get to the speed of light unless you yourself are a piece of light but this may not always be the case even though a very smart person thought it but even though it can be compared to absolute zero or around two hundred and seventy one and a but degrees celcius it may along with this number not always be the case as if there were other universes these numbers may be able to vary which could lead to things being able to travel faster and if then if the universes were able to join as something travelling faster then anything in another may be able to join them and allow the object moving faster than the speed of light to jump to our universe and be faster so back to travelling as I was planning on talking about the dangers which could be talked about in the context of these as to achieve these speeds people talk about how universes may end while the things I was planning to talk about would only lead to at most the death of many people hopefully in the worst case as I was really only going to talk about driving which is why driving is undertaken really as it is a good way to transport people fast but the risks associated with it are fairly high so things like bicycle buses or things which were similar but only had small engines and travelled at speeds that would not be possible to harm people and this could be implemented in areas where currently speed limits are fairly low or where lots of people usually live and for people who need methods to travel great distances make cars which are safer and licenses which are harder to get so this really has gotten to be a dull topic so lets change and try to make up a story which should be relevant to something but fun and short but something that is different so let us start with an egg in a shopping trolley which is able to fly so one day the egg decided to go to the sea as in books people or eggs always want to go to the sea but when he got there it had dried up as it had not rained for three days and the atmosphere had being depleted to such an extent that the conditions caused by lack of atmosphere and radiation from the sun caused a suction effect that had sucked all the water from the sea so the egg was disappointed as his trolley had wanted to search for fish while the egg sun baked but with no sun the trolley found it to hard to catch the fish in the air so it to sun baked on the beach which was nearly empty as all the other people had being confused when there was no sea so the people who lived of the sea could not do anything and people who sold things to the people who lived of the sea could not do anything and before long no one could do anything so they all sat in their houses at stared at the cups that the egg had given to them all as it felt sorry when it had borrowed a pen from another person while it was at school and had forgotten to return it so it decided giving away a few million cups would make up for a bit of the wrong he had caused so now the cups which were all different colours which was very hard to achieve and in fact had not being achieved it was just that each person saw in their own cup a different colour which they could associate which explains why the egg and the trolley had the beach to themselves but after a few minutes the egg got to hot and as there was no see to jump into and as the fish were blocking most of the sun light the egg and trolley decided that they best be off so as not to be caught up in the traffic as the egg did not like it when the roads were crowded as he felt guilty flying over the people stuck who did not have a trolley that could fly so they flew back home and had an early night as they had planned a bug day for the next day as the trolley had many friends that were bugs and he had lost a few when some people had arrived nest door and disliked all the insects that had happened to stray onto their law so now the trolley had to go find some more he could be friends with and the egg was willing to go as the trolley always seamed to come home with an umbrella if he did anything by itself so of the trolley and egg went nice and early the next morning as the trolley had told the egg this was the best time to find friendly bugs especially ones called tim and so they went into the nest door neighbours garden which usually had better bugs in it then the eggs garden did as it just did and by breakfast the trolley had found lots of bugs to be friends with including two called tim so the trolley was happy and the egg was happy that the trolley was happy and the next door neighbour was happy as he did not like bugs in his back ward being called tim so everyone was happy which was a good thing as no one would have ever expected the milkman to be late which was unheard of by the town where the egg lived with the trolley as the milkman just was never late so when he was two minutes late to the first house the person who usually got the first milk went to the milkmans house and began knocking on the door and this continued until everyone in the town was knocking on the door or windows and then the egg and trolley arrived and they began knocking and as so many people were knocking the foundations of the house was shaken so much that a section of the wall collapsed killing two people and uncovering that the milkman had died in his sleep which was a sad shock to all who knew him so the egg and trolley did not know what to do as they could not work out what they could feed the bugs with as they always feed them milk and with out the milkman they had know idea where it came from so the egg and trolley flew off in search of some mustard as the trolley really preferred this but was to shy to say anything and the bugs ad never told him other wise so they flew off but never made it to the mustard farm as a weird eclipse caused by the change in the earths orbit due to the loss of its atmosphere caused the trolley to crash into a small hill breaking two of its wheels and fracturing the eggs shell so the trolley was unable to fly of for help and the egg slowly began to seep out of its shell which was a shock as the egg had been so careful but his seatbelt from years of wear had broken on collision and his parachute had not opened in time so by the time the bugs found what was left of the trolley and the egg all that remained was a few rusty spokes as many years had passed in the time it took for tim to reach them so there was not much that could be done so all the bugs were sad along with the people who lived in the same town as the egg and trolley as they had really liked them but it was not long before they began to like the little pussy cat that lived next door to the egg who always landed on its feet which was unusual as the cats feet were very large with a surface are of an umbrella which the cat liked to carry around so it was quite an achievement which the towns people had not really noticed up to the as the pussy cat had really never been thrown out of a helicopter as the town only got there helicopter to remember how the trolley with the egg were able to fly and with it they were able to track all the happy bugs and hope that none got trodden on as treading on bugs is not a nice thing the trolley had taught them so from then on no one ever wore shoes and like the cat carried umbrellas which was good and bad as it stopped part of the radiation that was now hitting the earth but it also meant that many people were blown away which was not that pleasant and experience so now lets talk about clothes are so different and how so many people judge others on what they where so people feel obliged to follow what they are meant to wear or what they are not meant to wear such as adults by kids are viewed as not trendy and are put down for this but if they did try and be trendy then they would be put down further for trying to fit into what the kids wanted so really they can not win and it is similar for the kids as if the wear clothes of one type like skatey then non skatey people would rag them for this which occurs with many group but the age with the weirdest dress would be twenties and thirties as they can wear really whatever depending on their job and in most cases not be bothered about or no one cares about it as if they are outrageous then others will follow as they see them as setting a new trend but if they go back to an old trend others will follow as they see that this thing is back in so it is really the easiest for these people but seeing that I am not an expert so I might leave it at that as people who read this no matter what may find some things of what I could have written to their dislike as peoples tastes are so different which can be seen in what foods people eat as things like spinach and brussel sprouts to some are nice while others a nice big steak or others some fish or others beef to other peoples lamb or pork or chicken and there are so many different things that people can eat and there are also so many ways in which they can be cooked or served and as I read in a book that at different times they would taste a bit different so a day or two could make a huge difference as so many things which may seam so simple can be served in such a variety of ways that if o had to you could have countless meals which were never exactly the same while if you really wanted and had mastered how to cook something you could have a meal for maybe a year if each time you maybe changed the ratio of some ingredients compared to another or how you cooked it or how mature the ingredients were so there as you can see is really an endless number of meals that you can have so when you have a meal which you dislike it is really quite a shame as it is one less thing that you may have tried which you may have really liked but this is true with so many things and know as I look back at this it looks familiar so onto something new which just seams so hard to do some times even when for ages you had so many things that you could have thought about but you just can not seam able to pin point them down which is quite a shame but is not everything just how something is perceived so there is really nothing but things which we wish to have being but this is all not that sensible so lets move to a parallel plane where everything is in opposite which has been tried many times and as seen in all these attempts it is impossible to achieve as to do this everything would go backward such as time movement thought and everything else so how can people be born into their mother and this in turn brings them to their real death while in their state of death they are really just about to come a live even thought before the time of returning to like after your death people would know of how you had died but this would be irrelevant as they would forget this as soon as you were alive again and really everything would not be able to work as you would not be able to think of anything as even if you could the time is going in reverse so it is lost before it is thought and along with this is everything which you may once do in the future which is really your past so things which have already happened in your parallel plane will not be able to be comprehended while you would know everything which was going to occur cut you would not think you were going in reverse so you would not think that this would be able to be of any relevance to you and things really would just not be able to work unless gravity was also reversed but not completely or else we would fly of the earth which would not be something that had already happened so thus could not occur but as would be happening this would clash and really nothing could work as things like a gun firing would just not really work well as the person who fired the gun would not know before hand that he had which is really later when he has known but at the point of firing the bullet has just come back into the gun so h is only thinking of firing but then he is at a point before this and thus the time of shooting is in the past but really the future and has not happened and never will as the time which would have happened can not know happen so really the universe would be racing back to the big bang which would already be known when this was but as we are only getting closer to this point the knowledge of the big bang would be lost along with everything else so it is really just to strange to comprehend as for someone to really have a past they need to have experienced things and if you have not experienced something you really do not know what it is so if you wanted to experience something you must have already experienced it to experience it again but as you want to experience something it would mean that you are at a point where you have not yet experienced something and with time in reverse you would not be able to do the thing you wanted as even if you had done this it would already be done and over with but as it is something that happened in the future is would be something that as time was flowing had not being reached yet so be erased as it was not something which was in the past so any thought about anything would be lost and even if you tried to think of something as you are going beck you would forget that you were going to think of something and that is in the future which is something which really has not happened yet so thus will never happen so really as the time goes back nothing would ever happen and there would be no point at all to anything as anything that did occur would not really have occurred yet so would be worth nothing and lost forever so even the concept os a parallel plane is pretty silly as how could it possibly occur which brings up the point to whether there is really any point to anything at all as what does anything ever achieve and what is at the end of anything but an expiry date or death as nothing lasts forever and what is the point in being around for a while as you know that sooner or later there would be nothing left at all and of course even before this time is reached there would be no recollection of most people and those that were remembered would not care as they would be dead and when you are dead you do not need to care about anything so why is it that when ever you think about something in advance as soon as you get there or to that time it never is as good as you had hoped if you had planned things as well as you thought you could but if you do not think about it it usually falls into place better than you could ever hope for so it is very strange in some respects like what people like in the way of art as there is a wide variety of materials you can use to construct things each with their own advantages and disadvantages that make that medium special in the way it is like there are different types of clays with some stronger but not as manipulative while others can be smoothed out paper thin but are very fragile and both of these you can get different textures and this is just two types of clay as there are many types that artists use which all adds to what someone will like and what someone will dislike as there can only be a few changes and these perceptions could be changed such as not symmetrical or too symmetrical or too dark or too light or too much detail or not enough or too similar to other works or too original and the list goes on as not many people really have the same taste it is just that it is easier to follow some one elses choice then to try and work out your own which is sad as everyone should be made at a fairly young age and then every few years like five after that and continue this and at this time they have to pick their favourite piece of art their favourite music and some clothes they would like to wear plus maybe what they admire or want in some one they like and they should have to try and get as many of these as possible preferably all four and so they as a person know what they are really like as currently many people would really not know what they were like and would be wanting help but just can not seam able to find out where you can get it so really what is the point of a leader of a country in respect to the life of a so called normal person as they usually would not care who they had just that they keep or improved the way they lived and the face behind this would really not be that important to them as individuals although the leader would need to be able to try and help in foreign affairs to try and get the best for his country but apart from that they are not that important so lets look at sport and how even when a country is doing extremely well sporting wise it really only means that less money is then spent else where where it is really needed more as the millions and millions spent each year in a city like brisbane could go to many other things which were really more important but these so called important things change from person to person so it is a tough choice to make but really for a country with such a small number of people we have way to many professional sports people who really could be doing other things to help the country as some sports are pretty useless really like all of them as things like hurdles and hammer throw and rugby and netball all seam nice but looking at them they have no purpose at all as who really cares who can run and jump run and jump ten times and be the fastest or who cares who can throw a big metal ball the furthest or who can run into the opposition the most and get past them or who can throw a ball through a hop the most as these may look good and appeal to many people but as you look at them there is really no point to any of them except that they keep you fit but the level they are at would only usually bring more injuries which would out weigh the gains made by doing these sports so why is it then shown to most people especially at early ages that to go a sport is really the most important and enjoyable thing to do as all that it does is really eat away at any time you may have had free and also put you at the risk of serious injury which can occur in so many of the sports even ones that appear safe to the majority of people such as cricket as at any level there are many people who are gaining injuries like broken bones and smashed faces and even at the highest level you look at a team and usually one or two are out or partially injured due to that sport which is disturbing as cricket would be viewed as a fairly safe sport but then you go to a sport like rugby in really any of the codes and there are just so many people injured each week that it would probably one of the largest reasons why people go to hospital and in this respect they should be banned for the inconvenience they put on the hospitals and the places which are filled up with these rugby players who if they did not play this sport would be doing something much more safe usually so really as you can see there is not much going for sport and a great deal against doing it in some cases but like so many other things there is such a wide range of sports that can be done and many like pool or others are not that dangerous and something like chess may even help you but there is in there some where a divide between a game and a sport but this line is very hard to find which is like the line in art so stars exploding look good but some people are just so annoying some times and the world is strange in how a place in such a short time change temperature so much from being really hot one day to extremely cold in just a few hours but feeling the right temperature is so hard and getting in the right close just never seams to work as you are always to cold then put a jumper on and then you are to hot so you pull the sleeves up and then you are to cold and it this just continues and if on the off chance you do get it right the temperature will soon change thus making it to hot or to cold again so you have to start all over again so the idea of environments which are completely self contained and maintained at perfect temperatures does not sound that bad really but it would get lonely after a few years being by yourself with no outside contact and with the temperatures always being kept constant t would be hard to adjust to the outside with its fluctuating temperatures plus inside it could be viewed as a lot safer as you could not be attacked or anything from other people but the risk of injuring yourself would most likely increase and the air which was all at a constant temperature could be a suitable climate for a strand of disease to germinate in and thus be able to thrive as it would not need to be as advanced to survive in a never changing environment thus making the risks of being in the self contained environment extremely dangerous so why do people where sock or even clothes if you want to go to the extreme as socks along with many other things seam unimportant especially things like jewellery or things which are only to make people look prettier as these are very annoying but what else really could be more annoying than some one that does not want to show their real self but a self that society wants them to look like as it has told them to so lets look at books as they are very important like art as they enable the writer like the artist to do what ever they want to do such as right about an experience or about a topic they enjoy or anything really and they can be as long or as short as they like and everything can be so different and words can appear that you would not expect and events pop up that should really not be there or they may be left out and you find it harder or sometimes easier to understand the story then so really what is the point of writing a book for the writer as the only things he can gain is wealth or happiness and it is really pretty hard to do so in most cases would not be economical so it would be that most people either do it for pleasure like this book or to teach people something or express an opinion so books are all so diverse yet can really be narrowed down to only a few things like stories but then you could look at the stories in different groups like children books or fantasy which is quite fun which is really getting annoying as quite and quiet are just two really annoying words I find so fantasies are good as really anything can happen and with a mind you can imagine anything not like films or television where you are shown what you should think which means you do not have to use your mind so why is it always more important for one person to do something than another person and why are something forgotten so onto a disc is a thing which is very ingenious and it is annoying being treated a way in which you do not wish to be treated so maybe it is your birthday and you should feel happy no matter what but it may not be our birthday but you should still try and be happy and not let things try and get to you and just treat them all with a laugh and have fun but this is not always possible so in times when this can not be achieved try to think of happy things or things that make you enjoy what you usually do and thus make it possible to continue so look at your hand and now that you have looked back at the book look at your hand again and see if you picked up any new details now look at your hand after you have read this last bit but this time see if you had not noticed things like some blue veins or sweaty finger tips or unusual creases or any other details as it is fairly weird what the brain picks up and what it does not pick up even when it tries to make you think that there is nothing else to pick up there usually is one or two things unless something appears really boring thus it may be that there might be more as the more boring you perceive something the less attention you may pay to it and thus the next time if you look closer there may be many new things that you could pick up that you usually would not so the next major new thing you see try and see it twice and also with someone you think you are close to who you think you know try and pick up any new things that you can see so why do muscles some times want to move when you are just resting and you should be relaxing and it is really annoying when for no apparent reason you tense up or feel like you are falling as it cant be good as afterwards you usually feel like you have exerted yourself and you hope it does not happen again which it will most likely do so why are birds so special really as they do not help people that much compared to other animals and the ones that do like chickens or turkeys are usually ridiculed while the ones that are most looked up to would are dangerous ones like eagles and hawks as people must feel threatened by these as they are not with chickens and turkeys and thus it mean that when they are in the surroundings of the eagles and hawks a bit of fear is induced in the person and thus this leads to an increase in adrenalin and this would occur when ever people came in contact with them thus the feelings they get other times when they get a rush of adrenalin are usually good things or extremely exciting and thus they would be happy to experience this while when a chicken is seen no such rush of adrenalin would following which would not lead to any feelings of the desires associated with the eagle making the brain perceive that it must mean that this bird would have to be inferior and thus accordingly ridiculed which is like a cow as they seam such docile creatures like sheep but some other animals very similar like bulls and goats are perceived as so much more dangerous and thus respected so much more in the case of the bull but really the goat is an oddity as it is not respect but usually despised which really is quite unusual so why is our brain such a weird organ which perceives things so differently and makes so many choices and decisions so many times but stops you also doing many things which you may really want to do but your brain just tells you to try and not think of this and thus makes the decision on what you should think even if your body wished it could do something else although this thought is quickly forgotten as it has to pass through the brain and as the brain says not to think about it is wipes or stored away in a place where only the brain can find it which is not hard for it as no other organs are smart enough to find them or even look for them even ones like the heart with the blood flowing and the lungs pumping the air everywhere which if either could think could try and black mail the brain into letting the brain into telling them where these ideas where or they would kill the brain even thought this would also lead to the death of these organs so it is a good thing that there is only one thing ion our body that makes up minds we hope or the unrest in us would be overwhelming but there may be other things in us with thought which are just not as thoughtful or important and can not get their opinions across as as I write it feels like one of them down near my stomach is trying to rebel against what the brain is telling my hands to write so my hand if possible to be controlled by another source could write something else but if this was possible I would already be writing something else so it must just be my brain trying to trick me so it tries to make the other organs believe that they may have their own say but really it is just a dictatorship in your body which can never be overthrown which is not always a good thing as having one thing control you for your whole life is not good so it is important that outside brains with different opinions are able to help you decide and help you and try to sway your brain in different directions which others can do quite well as the brain is fairly gullible even though it would not think so or it may not be as it is letting me write this but even so meeting other people means that you eventually start to do different things and act differently which is sometimes good but other times can wreck your whole life which your brain can not argue with as so many people are manipulated by other brains only trying to spread their dictatorship to other people to make it more comfortable for the manipulative brain and so many other brains fall for it and are controlled in what you think with examples being business people who own huge companies to make huge profits at the expense of others as some brains are told and perceive that the only way to be more comfortable is to have lots of money to make it possible for the brain to have what ever it wants so it would be better if there was more than one thing that influenced in your life that was not biased toward the goal of success for itself but hopefully to help the person and to hopefully help others so it is quite important really to do things which interact with different people and especially ones that may have a different opinion to your brain but it would really be good if you had another organ that could think for itself as having two things could be beneficial although is they did not like each other there would be many people who just died for no apparent reason as they were doing anything as the organ that could think could dislike something that the brain was trying to do and thus ally things like the heart to stop the brain working and the brain in a short space of time could stop the lungs to kill the other organ and thus the person would die and this could be like being a siamese twin as there are two minds that control one joined body but if one of them disliked what the other was doing they could control part of the body to try and stop the other which could endanger both of them and if one died it would be most likely that the other would die as well so what can be said about some organs which can appear so useless like the appendix which does nothing except for burst and cause lots of pain plus many other things which may not be organs but are really annoying and you wish you did not have which could include pimples or freckles plus it could include things you did not have or things you lacked like height or your hair you thought was the wrong colour which is really a pretty silly thing to think but the more you think about it the more things there are that would really be quite annoying but this can only make people unhappy as most people may not be completely happy with there bodies but they really should be as they are each so individual plus they al have good points and bad points but the bad points usually make the good points even better and for nearly everyone there would be some one that really like them for what they look like plus especially what they think and act like as the more people that eat ham the better as there can be so many different things that can be found in a bin but the bag may break which could and is a green one with yellow pull in handles and if it breaks the all the things in it fall out so why does our mind wonder so much to things which are so irrelevant as a green bin just sitting there or the more you think about it it may start to fly or slowly sink into the ground and just disappear just leaving nice grass near a beach which is unusual as before it was not on a nice sunny coast beach with a cement path dividing the grass from a ledge leading to a nice golden beach leading to a flat sea but the bin had previously being on a cement path in an overcast town in england I think that is in front of a fifties style brick house with a garden which is only dirt but this in your brain can be transferred with the small references of maybe the flying or the sinking or the grass to the beach which is more common to australia so with so many things happening it is very unusual for say a light bulb to shoot out of a ferries wheel fly through the air and his either an elephant a car or a lion or a horse which either stuns them or kills them or frightens them or breaks the window which could lead to so many different things so it is no wonder that all the people in the world who think of so many different things can for many life times if they had to think of different events that led to other events which could go on for a very long time leading up with something like the lion was so brave when it saved the drowning baby that the town elected it president but the is only one idea that could be taken as the lion could have only saved a bike from a thief and only being given an award which led to it becoming a movie star which led the horse to drink up drinking as it had seen the bike but not known that it had being stolen but it is also weird how events can overlap other events and two people who appear so different can meet so many times in their life even if they appear so different such as this girl I met at a concert then again a month or so later when she was doing this science thing the later when she came to my formal which was very strange as both the person who she was with I was not that close to and the instrument she played I did not and I had first not intended going to the science thing but if I had not then I would not have met her again and at the formal it would not have seamed so strange but so many people could fall out of a burning building and have all there hands cut of but it would be most likely that it would be totally unrelated to anything and thus may never here of something so bizarre but maybe I could have walked past that building only a few months or years ago and the hot dog cart which all the hands fell into could have being one that I had eaten at and the one which could have made be sleep in for a fraction to long which would have changed the would thing as if I had not eaten there the hot dog cart could have gone out of business an thus all the hands may not have fallen into it and as the hands would not have wanted to fall on the ground they may not have wanted all the people to fall out the building and thus I would not here about it although even with it happening I had not heard about it if it had occurred so I would not be worrying but It would all be very unusual so why something like paper but there could and is a plane and on the plane you could go to x or y or z but where really is i but is I me or myself and so where ever you loo you end up back at yourself which shows something but what is that as I do not know or you or anyone I think so what is there which could be asked about life or dinner or a country or water but to many things would come of it so it may be better to leave it at this so on to crowds and not wanting but having to do as you are told or not as what is it like really without time as what would happen is something which may not be able to be found out as if time stopper who would really know so why is limits so important and they always seem to have to be broken by someone or something but rules one sets to try and stop these people do these either physically or mentally or sociably but really why is their soap as if no one had soap would you care or what is everything was wiped what would happen like could people do anything as what would stop them but would they know they could do anything or anyone could fly as really what is stopping them except they have being told then can not but if this is not told what stops you from flying or eating or anything similar but some things seam so weird after time and are hard to comprehend so stop time and change it to something else like the way matter can be turned into huge amounts of energy and then you could do lots of things which may seam impossible and the longer something is accepted the closer it is getting to its downfall which is good and bad as if something knew it would never be toppled what would it do as it could do anything and it would be to unpredictable but it also may not be and just get into a rhythm which may be one of the biggest words without a vowel with six consonants which is very strange by lots of things are strange like some feelings you get at different times that seam very out of place and you just do not know why you get them or really why they are there but they are so you have to understand something and hopefully you get to understand them so you can control them better as it really may be one of your organs trying to communicate and trying to by pass the brain which would other wise suppress it and not let any thing through so it shows that your other organs can think a bit for themselves and are trying to tell you something which may be very important but your brain does not always know so you get all confused and do not know how to follow these other organs in how they are trying to communicate with you and it happens all the time especially in things like running where your whole body is complaining and trying to get your brain to tell you that what you are doing is very stupid but you do not listen but it explains why one second you can be feeling good and the next one leg then the other weigh so much more then you get a stich then another and you tighten up and breathing is harder and everything is getting harder but you have told your brain to try and forget about these other organs so your brain feels superior and tries to follow what you have said and try and keep pushing and tries to get you to forget the pain but the organs keep complaining and if you never listened you would be dead but luckily the brain is not that stubborn and usually listens if it gets to bad or the organs are communicating well enough and it may listen and take what the organs are thinking seriously which may affect you for better or maybe for worse but at least you have listened and the options are expanded and you can think about those things more but it is hard for you to get your whole body to follow these communications and to put some of these things into practise sometimes are just to hard it seams or to risky so it may seam smarter to pack these things away and store them away to just think about or to worry about but sometimes your body does not seam big enough to store everything away in and you wish to let it all out but you just do not know how and you ponder and ponder thinking what you can do and if you get an idea you should really act straight away or the more you think about it it may get better but the consequences may mount up and seam not worth it which is sad as what you may be missing out on may easily be worth the risk but it is a risk and you do not always want to take risks as they are risky and may lead to unhappiness but why so many things to think about and it would be good if you just did these all automatically and the results were already known but that would seam so useless knowing everything as anything you did you had already known you were going to do so nothing would be worth anything so clouds are always nice it seams but sometimes they are nice and birds if you think of the name given to them of bird gives you so many pictures and thousand of images of birds or things related to them rush past you eyes but still something that you may be thinking of may pop up for no apparent reason at all which all seam so strange which may be good but the clouds are also strange as what they can do is pretty impressive like hold lots of water and continually change shape and zoom about and block the sun and do lots and lots of things plus they can look all fluffy or dark and sinister but can also be a mix of both and it is all so confusing and you never really know anything but you may think you do and then you hear something and your thoughts are completely changed to something else which may be something really good then there will always be something that if you look at that closer will lead to something a bit worse and it could lead to something that you really do not like but then may lead back to something you really like which is so strange the you may think about how the human body moves and it is very strange in the way that happens so why are our senses the only thing that can sense other things as people all the time can predict or know something which in theory could not have being worked out with the five sense only and must encompass other ones that may not seam as important but may be really as some of the senses can be compared to others as not as important and you do not need may of them to survive really but it all depends on the person as some people could fin it very very hard to survive if they could not hear as many jobs need it and many people need it to enjoy themselves and being able to hear makes it safer which is try with all the senses but other ones that you could in most cases go without could be smelling which may like hearing may be very important to some people but the majority could probably get by without as we have being taught that and other things to show things like smell are not as important as other senses such as televisions and movies which encompass sound and sight and foods which taste good and things which involve touch and feel are seen as more important than smell even so many people worry what they smell like and many jobs rely on this as perfumes and deodorant and soap and so many other products are just there for the smell properties but you could most likely go without smell which is similar to taste and you could go without this as well as if you had one of either smell or taste they would partially counteract the loss of the other as these to do nearly the same thing I think as they both only pick up a scent either in the food or in the air and tell the brain that it is the smell or taste of something and they usually work in tandem so the loss of one would not be that great a loss but taste could easily be lost as what you eat really does not matter and not many jobs are dependent on taste so it could be lost very easily and not worry many people which now leads to a sense which if lost is very detrimental which is touch or feel as this sense is really very important as if you could not fell anything you could not know when you were hungry or tired or if you were sitting in a fire or if you had cut ourself which could be good if you were trying to push yourself to the limit but it is really just suicidal as without the sense of the dangers associated which your organs are trying to tell you then you would just keep pushing and you would die but you would not fell it so it would not be that bad but having no sense of fell really would be something that if you had had fell before would be so bad most people would not want to continue living without it so feel by some or really by most could be the most important sense of all as feeling anything is really the essence of living and to not be able to feel or touch would just be so painful which can be seen with some books describing it in such painful terms that you would not be able to bear not being able to feel which now only leaves one of the five senses left which is sight which is probably in importance halfway between feel and hearing as it has the befits of hearing as it seams fairly similar and if you had to put senses together you would have smell and taste together and sight and sound together leaving feel by itself to try and fill two spots but sight is above hearing like smell is above taste as it seams so more advanced and so important in terms of what we perceive as being important as to not know what something looks like is nearly but not quite as bad as not knowing what something feels like or any feelings but really no comparisons could ever be made between the two as they are still really to far apart but back to sight and you see how important it is as to copy sound is not that hard nor would certain tastes and smells but to trick sight in some cases us very hard but really nothing compared to feel but still sight is extremely good when you look at what it can do which is distinguish between shapes and colours plus it picks up details which without would be able to trick the hearing sense as being able to see something has more importance really in society then any other sense has so it would be most interesting to centre on sight and see where it leads as it is quite fascinating but not as well as things in you always change but can not be seen always so it does not really cover that much but still quite interesting topics but really why centre on the main five senses when there could be so many more that may really be just as important if their true potential was known such as why is it that we can sense how other people fell which many people put down as just the mixing of other senses but even if some senses are not present these same feelings are still there thus it may be assumed that in fact a separate sense all together is working but not one that has a special organ like the skin or nose or eyes or tongue or ears to tell but maybe something inside us that we can not explain yet but it is fairly probable that there are other senses as well as things like seeing something that you have not seen or do not think you have seen before for the first time although you are sure it is familiar which is quite annoying sometimes but very interesting and as it happens so often to so many people it may also be assumed that it is some sought of sense that is being used but a type that currently we would have no way to explain or describe this so it is usually left alone and not worried about and people just get the initial shock of it then try and forget as much of it as they can afterwards which is not the best way to go about it as senses which have not being found yet may if this continues never be found as people may just keep believing that there are no other things left to find out about or explore but are senses really the same for everyone as it might just be that everyones senses may be slightly muddled up or at different settings meaning that different effects occur to different people with the same stimulus which may very likely be true as a simple showing of this is with touch where some people are ticklish in some spots while other people are ticklish in other spots which are all really quite strange and unusual as people also put different values on different senses with some seaming to be ridiculous to some people but to others seams normal or very extreme or very unconventional but also could be seen as very backwards and not adventurous but similar to how peoples personalities are all different their senses may also have little personalities or sensalities which make the person who they are so hello for now which is a strange think if you were not expecting it but you may have being so it really is not that strange but we could be eating anything which is scary but what would you expect of a day that you really have no hopes resting on but if you even think about it the hopes are then put there so the mere thought of thinking about a day can really change everything as it all changes your opinion to what may or may not or hope or hope not to happen so you really could never be safe from it as something you can not think about can never be the safest thing but if you think about it to make it safe then you have thought about it and wrecked it forever so you can really never be there you most wanted to which is good as if you did then would you ever want to leave as you would know that nothing could ever be as good which if it happens really means that life from that instance onwards will not ever be as good as this singular point which if you know will make everything else bad but if you do not know this even if it is the case then you may still wish for a better time that may one day arrive so there is for this a performance which is really not the word but it sounds good and seeing you have now probably forgotten something let us go back to something that may be new but it is not completely new as it refers to writing again which really is quite ridiculous as it would be much simpler to connect something to your mind and let it flow out onto the pages and then to read just let it flow in but this could also be very dangerous as there are things which may not be suitable for people to read or be told and it seams better to do the tedious thing and just write as this way it should be safer but this really all came from the fact that to right you which seams so easy and probably should be is not always that easy as it has happened many times that I have only written ou which is very confusing or maybe uo but why is you written as such as would it not be smarter to write it as something else which is a lot smarter like the plane old letter u just as I is I but the same could also be applied to r instead of are or y instead of why but the only reason we are ever told and thus follow this method is that in english they have always done this and so we must so millions of people are thus taught to write strange things which were probably only written as a joke as you could make up the spelling of any word and it would look ridiculous but if some people believed you and adopted the spelling then it would then not seam ridiculous and be accepted and thus taught to other people which shows how stupid both society and english are but to change it would just be to hard for many people to comprehend so it had been left and continues