Trip To Agartha

Do you know about the theory of the hollow earth? It is a theory based on the Inuit folklore and 2 ancient expeditions made by Olaf Jansen in the 19th century and the rear-Admiral Byrd in 1947. The first expedition, made by Olaf Jansen and his father was a boat expedition. It describes an encounter with a technologically advanced civilization who came from the center of Earth. This civilization is now know as Agartha. It lives directly under our feet at the center of Earth where seat a little sun. The Earth system looks like an atom with a kernel, the sun in its center and electrons gravitating around, the crust. Rear-Admiral Byrd told us the story with a different point of view, more modern. He entered in the center of Earth with his plane. He saw many lands and big animals. At this time, when he came back, his discovery made lots of noises and the US government forbid him to talk about his discovery. Hopefully words come through but not enough people believed in it to be admitted universally. Inuit folklore talks also about this land and the people living in the center of Earth. All this three testimonies agree that the entrance of the country located inside Earth is at the North pole at 84.4 N Latitude, 141 E Longitude according to a calculation. In fact, many other traditions all over the world talks about this country inside Earth and many entrance have been located though the north pole is the main entrance. Many UFOs sights have been reported around it.

To prove this theory that many don’t believe a famous explorer: Steve Currey, is preparing a trip in order to show the world that indeed, a world inside Earth exists and that a technologically advanced civilization seats within. He say that the civilization will protect him against the fact that many people, especially governments will try to stop his trip. The trip is organized for June 26, 2007. 100 explorers are needed. The price of the ticket is around 20,000$ Many more information are available at http://voyagehollowearth.com/ or http://ourhollowearth.com/. Steve Currey ‘s company is organizing the trip: http://www.expeditioncompany.net/upcoming_trip.php/?trip_id=67. Time will tell if Olaf and Byrd as well as Inuits were saying the truth or not.