Volcano About To Erupt In Indonesia Residents Flee

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Indonesia’s Sumatra island is in danger of volcanic catastrophy, as Mount Talang is rumbeling.  More than 2500 local residents have been evacuated in-case of eruption. The Township is at “The status of Mount Talang is now at top alert,” says top vulcanologists’.

This is the same region as the Tusnami that killed 300,000 people, and more recently, another 8.7mag earthquake hit.  It seems extremely vulnerable to geographic destruction.

Local residents gave comments attributed to the magnitude of the event. Some thought it was the end of the world, some saw fire spark emmissions, and all were terrified.

Indonesia’s islands are home to more than 100 volcanos. If one’s going to go, the chances are high that more will follow suit.

More details located at http://www.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/asiapcf/04/12/sumatra.volcano.reut/index.html

One must wonder, what next?