Will certain foods become illegal?

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  Fri Sep 06 06:26:07 1991:

                         Will food become illegal?

   On September 10th, 1991 a vote on H.R. 2597 is to be taken if this
  becomes law the FDA will be able to tell you what is good for you to
  eat, or what kind of substances (like Vitamins) that you will be
  allowed to put INTO YOUR OWN BODY!  If you don’t do it their way FDA
  could impose penalties of up to $1,000,000 for each act that an
  individual does, fails to do, or should have known to do that act
  violates a provision of the Food, Drug, And Cosmetic Act.

   Please call your Congressional Representatives immediately and tell
  them that you do NOT support the loss of freedom that H.R. 2597
  purports.   Our ancestors died to make this “The Land of the Free” now
  our own Congressional Representatives are trying to take that freedom


  From “BASIC CARE CENTRE” newsletter:

   H.R. 2597 was introduced on June 7,1991 by Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-24-
  CA), Chair of Health and The Environment Subcommittee of the House, and
  by Rep. John D. Dingell (D-16-MI), Chair of the House Energy and
  Commerce Committee.

   This bill would empower the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with
  enforcement actions that would deny individuals and companies any
  rights before the courts, and would empower FDA to harass, bankrupt,
  and file criminal charges against almost any U.S. citizen for almost
  any reason!

   FDA could impose penalties of up to One Million Dollars for each act
  that an individual does, fails to do, or should have known to do that
  [act] violates an provision of the Food, Drug, And Cosmetic Act.

   FDA would have the power to institute 24-hour electronic surveillance
  of any healthcare businesses and demand that certain records be

   FDA would have the power to issue subpoenas to force testimony and the
  production of records from any person in the health care industry at
  any time, for any reason at all.

   FDA would have the power to destroy an product imported from any other
  country that it deems is “dangerous”.

   FDA could stop citizens from bringing into this country any
  medications, products, or therapies they receive as part of health care
  in Mexico, Europe, or any other part of the world.

   In effect H.R. 2597 is the MOST repressive piece of legislation EVER
  proposed in the history of the U.S. Congress, in our opinion.  The
  infamous Claud Pepper Bills of 1984 (H.R. 6049,6051,6060) that everyone
  fought so valiantly to defeat, pale in comparison to this outrageous
  attack on freedom of choice in health care.

   H.R. 2597 is so outrageous that the following associations in
  mainstream business have sent a letter of protest to Representative
  Waxman about the bill’s sweeping and unjustified scope:  American
  Bankers Association, Animal Health Institute, Association for Dressings
  and Sauces, Association of Food Industries, Calorie Control Council,
  Concord Grape Association, Cosmetic, Toiletry & Fragrance Association,
  Grocery Manufactures of America, Health Industry Manufactures
  Association, Preserve Association, National Assn. of Margarine
  Manufacturers, National Electrical Manufactures Association, National
  Food Processors Association, National Pasta Association, National Pecan
  Shellers Association, American Frozen Food Institute, National Single
  Service Food Association, Non prescription Drug Manufactures Assn.,
  Pharmaceutical Manufactures Association, and The Vinegar Institute.

   H.R. 2597 presents an opportunity, probably for the first time in
  history, for everyone in business and industry who appreciates and
  understands the issue of free choice and competition to join forces an
  align themselves against oppression.  As a consumer of health care
  products and therapies, you must join with us in opposing H.R. 2597.
  Please contact your Congressional Representatives immediately!

  The following is the kind of information that will be stopped if H.R.
  2597 becomes law:

  Researchers at the University of Wisconsin tell us:  They completed
  studies which indicate that D-limonene, a component of the essential
  oil found in all peels of the citrus family is useful in lowering the
  incidence of chemically induced mammary tumors [breast cancer], it is
  also effective in rate of regression of tumors.  Other benefits are
  potential cholesterol lowering effect.

  Ganoderma (Reishi) Mushroom:  Under Ref: 1 listed below studies with
  mice show immune system enhancement, other studies demonstrated
  significant anti-tumor activity of polysaccharides which had been
  isolated from Ganoderma.  Extract of Ganoderma lucidum had the ability
  to stimulate a defense mechanism within the central nervous system,
  correcting parasympathetic nerve function, while at the same time
  improving heart function.  There are many more documented studies
  available if your are interested.

  A team of British & Egyptian scientists find soybeans can block the
  formation of nitrosamines, (cancer causing agent) more effectively than
  Vitamin C, which is added to cured meats to prevent nitrosamines from

  Shitake Mushroom:  In a letter to the medical journal Lancet, Oct. 20,
  1984 Robert Gallo, co-discoverer of the HIV virus, and the 2 French
  researchers form the Pasteur Institutes stated that Lentinan, and
  extract of the Shitake mushroom may prove to be effective in AIDS or
  HIV carriers.  In addition to its anti-tumor activity Lentinan has
  demonstrated anti-viral properties, interferon inducing, natural killer
  cell enhancer as well as enhancing the rate of phagocytosis.

  Cassia Tora:  Duke, J.A. & Ayensu, E.S. (1985) Medical Plants of China,
  Vol. 1, p. 223: extracts of the seeds of Cassia Tora have been
  discovered to possess specific anti-tumor properties, as well as a
  natural blood pressure regulating property.

  Pearl:  Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine scientists
  list a long list of effects they find to be associated with pearl:
  anti-inflammatory properties, improvement in vision, removal of toxic
  substances from body tissue, skin texture improvement and strengthening
  of the bones.

  The Shanghai College also reports on the benefits of Mulberry leaves,
  they are high in protein, 15 essential amino acids, high in vitamin C,
  A, D, & E.  It was observed to decrease blood sugar levels as well as
  blood pressure.

  Medical plants of China book lists Lotus for anti-tumor activity, as
  well as an aid to circulation.

  Ref 1:  Shin H.W.; Kim H.W.; Choi, Toh S.H. & Kim K.B. Studies on
  inorganic composition and immunopotentiation activity of ganoderma
  lucidum in Korea. (1985) Korean Pharmacog 16 (4) 181-190.

  From “BASIC CARE CENTRE” newsletter:

   It is Labor Day weekend and I am writing perhaps my last newsletter on
  scientific research on foods and how they affect our body.

   I am appealing to everyone to please read [the above] and learn what
  two pathetically misguided men (Waxman & Dingell) in our government are
  trying to rob us of.  This bill [HR2597] is to be voted on September
  10th, 1991.  Your help is desperately needed.  After reading the
  [above], please write or call your congressman & ask he vote against
  this outrageous bill, then please call 5 others & ask they do the same,
  then ask that they keep the chain  going by 5 people calling 5 others
  and in a very short time you will have been responsible for advising
  thousands of people to let them know the 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th, & 14th
  amendments will be violated.

   Please take the time to ensure our rights, we pay these people and
  surely they can find better ways to spend their time than persecute
  some of the finest elements of society today.  I have never heard of a
  plane, train, bus or car accident cased by overdose of vitamins,
  minerals or herbal formulas.


   All of the above is from the “Basic Car Centre” newsletter by D.
  Little.  Contact Basic Care Centre at 72 Lamont Drive, No. Huntingdon,
  PA. 15642 (412) 824-1868.

   My questions is this:  If the government allows things that are bad
  for your health, like alcohol and tobacco, to be sold, then why are
  they trying to stop us from getting the things that are good for us?