Worst Comes To Worst


Things just can’t be this bad all over.  It gives me an alarming feeling when I think
of what is actually happening to me and every other member of this world.  We are going through tough times , but is
anybody surviving?  I kind of feel a
chill running down my spine when I think of what could happen to the
generations of tomorrow , we carried on from what our forefathers left for
us.  What will the erstwhile generations
or the next gen as they are passionately called start with , the scrap that we
are leaving them?  I’d be more than honored
if I don’t leave them something negative to carry on with.

The worst point here is that I don’t see a
silver lining anywhere around me , the economic crisis is staring down on me
with wicked eyes.  The prices of almost
everything that I need to shell off my pocket is sky rocketing , worse still I
don’t know when I may be sent home never to come back.  Education, medical health almost everything
is costing me a fortune.  Now I even
think twice before I simply spend a few dollars on local transportation.  It is a very sorry state indeed.

The question that is going unanswered though, is
what we expect to change if we continue our existing lifestyles.  Are we insane enough to think that a miracle
will happen one day and then things will get rosier and healthier without each
of us trying to do what we can?  In this
era of technology do we still believe in mythological miracles?  We as educated individuals have a role to
play during these critical times , and how we endure these tough times and try
to give as much to the country as we can to ourselves is the test of our
character and perseverance.

What we want now is to getting on our toes and
become prodigies of parsimony and prudence. 
The advice that thunders from all corners of the world, from all the
professional financial analysts is that we need to be wise enough when we spend
our hard earned money.  Buying or
investing is a strict no now, as we don’t know if our stock markets are ever
going to look up.  With the oil prices
continue to crash, and the major world currencies seeing a down turn the
thought of a progress , even a faint one is really skeptical. 

We all know that we got into this state of affairs because of no
external element except our own folly. 
At this juncture, it is a very sorry state that things have gone so much
out of our hands, to a point of no return. 
For all that we know, we might have to go through another economic
depression and it is approaching us alarmingly fast.  What we need to do when and if at all we come out of it, is to
analyze what went wrong, what could have been better and take corrective
measure as quickly as possible if at all we want to see a reviving world