Eric Kaesberg Alien Head Rocks, Pictures, and Possible Proof

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Eric Kaesberg (walking and digging in the Kern River, Bakersfield, Ca) Ran across some odd rocks, which he believes to be Alien (extraterrestrial) artifacts. Many of these stones are in the shapes of heads, but many not human.

These rocks were found under a large granite rock, which would have been a safe place to preserve them, Kaesberg claimes.

here are some pictures of the Alien head rocks.  Eric claimes one rock opens it’s eyes, amd he provides a flipbook like show of it.  Definitely worth the time to check it out.  Click each picture to enlarge it.



Click The Picture To Enlarge

this_is_to_amazing_album_001.jpg (48939 bytes)

The Alien Head Rock

caliente_girl_album6_copy.jpg (81422 bytes)

Caliente Girl Alien Head Rock

caliente_girl_pictures_of_her_eyes_opening_up1s.jpg (57899 bytes)

Alien Head Rock Eyes Opening

caliente_girl_pictures_of_her_eyes_opening_up1saa.jpg (35763 bytes)

Different Alien Head Opening Eyes Shot

unexplained_phenomen_copy.jpg (100351 bytes)

I don’t know what these pics are of

for_the_muesem.jpg (53249 bytes)

Look close on this one, the eye opens like watching a flipbook.

real_aliens_album666.jpg (49184 bytes)

Blurry shots, I’m Confused

placerita_cyn_album.jpg (86140 bytes)

Brown rock that might have weirdness in it

cottonwood_creek_black__copyalbum1.jpg (75699 bytes)

Collection of several alien rocks found

orange_alien_album_cotton_copy.jpg (73573 bytes)

Don’t know what it is, but it seems creepy

caliente_girl_new_pict_of_eyes_opening_2jpg.jpg (11445 bytes)

Definitely a carved rock here.  Maybe an alien head?

caliente_girl84.jpg (26890 bytes)

Close up head rock

the_eye_44jpg.jpg (6295 bytes)


the_eye_45jpg.jpg (7478 bytes)

Head rock shot



alien_ghost_caught_by_camera.jpg (72442 bytes)

Collage of Craziness I guess

aliens_ghost_and_ladder_coming_down_from_s_ace.jpg (15661 bytes)

No Idea

before_trim2.jpg (4195 bytes)


is_this_our_lord.jpg (9422 bytes)

Dark Head Rock

jesus_or.jpg (12066 bytes)

Yet another Head rock

look_at_who_wante_dhis_pict_taken.jpg (1973 bytes)

I cant see it!