Photo of Light Beams and Possible Spiritual Entities

Unexplainable.Net received these pictures that may contain supernatural phenomena. Here’s what the email said.

“You may be interested in the attached photo which is untouched and still in my
digital camera. I have reviewed the photo with photographers who assure me that
the images are not caused by lens flare or other mechanical causes in the

I took the photo at the House of Cenote in Tulum on
December 31st at about 2Pm in a northeast direction.
It was taken at an ancient religious ceremonial
grounds behind the house. The house has a tomb in it’s

 In addition to the beams of light, there are
numerous images of faces, animals and alien type
figures. I have attached a photo with circles around
some of the images. I’ve also attached a black and
white version that better shows some of the alien
images floating in the light beams a little better.

Some of the animals in the photo are
discussed in the Mayan mythology I have
been reading about. There is a dog
(circled) up against the lower left hand
side of the building, snakes coiling at
the bottom of each beam, a turtle at the
upper right hand corner on the horizon
next to the building, and what appears to
be a monkey and a crocodile on the top of
the building.

The most unusual image is to the upper
right of the women’s head at the top of
the cenote opening. There is an animal’s
face coming out of the rocks with mouth
wide open with 2 fangs (snake or jaguar?)
and a man’s head is emerging from the

I intend to continue reading up on the
Mayans and their calendars, but any additional
thoughts you might have  with the
photo would be appreciated.



See the full image here

See The Full Image Here