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The UFO Abduction
Phenomenum: Symposium

Recorded on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2002 from 7:30PM�9:30PM ET

Renowned UFO investigators Budd Hopkins, Dr. David Jacobs and Dr. John Mack
headlined a UFOlogy symposium that was Webcast live from New York City’s Regency
Hotel. Click the links below to listen to the archived recording of the
symposium! REAL
AUDIO, 2:12:59, 67 kbs

Bentwaters/Woodbridge RAF Landings

Halt, who commanded the base, recalls what he saw that night in December, 1980.
This clip is a brief of the incident itself. 

Colonel Charles
Halt, RAF BASE Commander

Sgt. Jim Penniston, RAF SECURITY
Sgt. Jim Penniston was head of the 81st.
Security Detail for the twin bases. Hear an account of what he saw that night.

Larry Warren,
Working Patrol
Larry Warren was only 19 years old when he experienced the
unusual events of the Rendelsham Forest. His experience has spawned a book, and
a segment on “Unsolved Mysteries.” 

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Pascagoula, Mississippi Abductions

Charles Hickson
Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker were both
abducted while fishing on the Pascagoula River on October 10, 1973. The case has
become one of the mainstays of UFO abduction. Hear Hickson in his own words. Dr.
J. Allen Hynek was convinced by the details of the Pascagoula Abduction, and
conducted interviews with Hickson. Hear the interview streamed here in three

Calvin Parker

Calvin Parker discusses the terrors of that night on the Pascagoula River. He
tells what effect the incident has had on his life.

Betty and Barney Hill Abduction

Betty Hill Interview
One of the most celebrated cases of UFO abduction was the New Hampshire incident
involving the inter-racial couple, Betty and Barney Hill. Hear Betty discuss
UFOs in this radio interview.

Betty Hill Follow-up

Betty discusses additional aspects of the UFO phenomena in this taped phone

United States Astronauts

Lunar Spacecraft
While orbiting the moon, Neil Armstrong reports that he has seen something, “you
won’t believe.”

Discovery Space
Aboard the Discovery, a statement is made, ” “Houston, This is
Discovery………We still have the alien spacecraft under observance!”

Gemini 7 “A bogie
at 10 o’clock high!”, is what Astronaut Frank Borman tells Houston.

Other Audio Files

Swiss Air

This clip is a recording of a conversation between a SWISSAIR pilot and Air
Traffic Control, depicting a sighting of a UFO. Very Interesting.

Area 51 discussed

This short clip is from Bob Lazar, controversial ex-employee of Area
51. He states that the technology he witnessed was “hundreds of years ahead of

Roswell Radio

Anyone involved with the study of UFOs has probably heard this clip, the
famous broadcast stating that the Air Force had captured a UFO.

Thomas Dubose on
Colonel Thomas Dubose was heavily involved in the Roswell cover-up.
Years later, he admitted that the balloon story was ordered and fabricated by
authorities high up in the Government.

Stanton FriedmanUfologist
Stanton Friedman discusses UFO debunking, and his long running feud with Phillip

Wendel Stevens
Col. Wendel Stevens gives a good look at the controversial films of Swiss legend
Billy Meier.

Taped UFO Sound

In this chilling tape, a sheriff reports sighting a hovering UFO, and while his
radio is on, the sound of the craft can be heard.

Jacques Vallee
author of the cult classic, “Passport to Magonia,” discusses his involvement in
the UFO phenomena.

Ronald Reagan speech
The former President’s famous remarks about
unity in the face of a global threat from an extraterrestrial intelligence.

Pilot audio 1

11-18-95, Boston Air Traffic Controller conversation with pilot who is seeing

Pilot audio 2

10-28-96, Cleveland Air Traffic Controller conversation with pilot who is seeing

Pilot audio 3

04-13-96, New York Air Traffic Controller conversation with pilot who is seeing

Pilot audio 4

04-15-96, New York Air Traffic Controller conversation with pilot who is seeing

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