Baby Alien Found Near Military Base

I came across a video that seemed very interesting.  The video was of a baby alien in a box.  It looked like it was placed in ice.

I searched the whole web, to try to find an article on this video.  I came up empty.  I could not find one article.  The only thing that I found was, “Alien Baby Found in Dumpster Near Military Base.”  That was attached to every vidieo that I found.

This got me thinking.

What if this was a military experiment, that went wrong.  Instead of an alien, was it a fetus that went terribly wrong?  I did read somewhere along my search that the alien baby was found in a military dumpster that was restricted.  That is what brings me to those assumptions.

The video that was shot, had people speaking Spanish in the video.  I don’t speak Spanish, so I don’t know what they are saying.  If I knew what they were saying, maybe I would be able to shed some more light on this video.

In order to see what I’m seeing you need to know what I noticed in the film.  The first thing is that the baby alien is in a box of ice.  If you compare the pieces of ice to the alien, you see how tiny this alien is.  Secondly,  the person holding the box is kind of shaking the box.  This causes the alien to be hit by the pieces of ice.  That seems to irritate the baby.  You could see that the alien is starting to show its teeth.  Someone in the video even points it out.  I’m not sure if it was the ice or it was the lights in the babies eyes that got it irritated.

In my opinion, I think that it’s hard to fake an alien that small to have it expose its teeth.  The only thing that gets me is why are there no articles on this?  Why didn’t the people report it to anyone?  Were they in fact afraid of the military?  These are questions we will never have questions to.

Below is the video.  You decide for yourselves. Is it original or is it a fake?