Brazil UFO Video Looks Like A Flying Octopus

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A UFO video from Brazil recently surfaced which shows what clearly looks like
an unidentified flying object. The strange thing is, it is Brazilian UFO
resembles an octopus but with many more appendages. It sort of looks like a
Chinese star within extruding bottom section. This UFO video, although not
proven authentic, possesses vivid qualities that surpasses many other UFO videos
available for viewing.

During this Brazilian UFO video, the flying object appears to shift shapes.
During the first scenes it looked like a jellyfish shaped spacecraft then shift
shapes into something that looks more like an octopus or a Chinese star.

This UFO video is said to be filmed by a child in Rio, Brazil, but
confirmation of the authenticity of the story and video has not yet been

This video surfaces at a time very close to the announcement of the Brazilian
UFO document declassification. Brazil is the home of the Amazon rainforest where
many UFOlogists believe an alien base makes exist. Though Brazilian Air Force
has already admitted that UFOs are real and in recent times Brazil has been a
UFO hotspot.