San Jose UFOs Caught On Video

 On June 9th, 2008 at least 2 UFOs were seen over San Jose, California. Bob Lochridge, a local resident who recorded the objects, said they streaked across the skies. “They
appeared to be triangular pieces of metal,” he said. “They were up
very, very high. I couldn’t see them without the camera.”

This report has made the cut and is being covered by the main stream media, but right off the bat the sighting is being discredited.

he FAA Air Traffic Control Center in Fremont said that there was no unusual air traffic detected or know about during the time of the sighting. FAA officials also said that the sightings were most likely satellites. The explanation claims that the sunlight was probably reflecting off the solar panels causing the lights in the sky.

I haven’t researched visual speeds of satellites, but I do know that the naked eye can see satellites from earth. A comparative evaluation of the speed of the objects seen as opposed to the speed of an orbiting satellite should provide for better evidence in determining if this was a UFO or a satellite.

Watch the Video Of “UFOs Over San Jose” below.