UFO Video Filmed In Haiti – Must See

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Update August 13th 2007

It appears as if the video is a hoax. A CGI program advertisement has surfaced that clearly shows the same trees that appear in the video.

More information on www.rense.com and the CGI program that made this is believed to be from http://www.e-onsoftware.com/products/vue/vue_6_infinite/

Video Captured August 6th 2007

The most shocking close up video I have ever seen! UFO’s were filmed in Haiti which show close ups of the craft. Several UFO’s are visible in this Video.

There are already skeptics saying that this video is a fake, but many experts swear it is real. If this were a fake, this is probably the most compelling video ever made.

The UFO In Haiti Video shows a close up of a UFO in flight that seems to have a large bright light on the bottom portion along with several other bottom lights. the flight patterns of these Haiti UFO’s are remarkable. They glide in the air easily without much sound or engine rumbles.

We have no hard evidence to prove or disprove thisparticular video, but it is definitely worth the mention.